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Pray diligently. Stay alert, with your eyes wide open in gratitude.                                                         
                                                                         Colossians 4:2 ~ The Message


Have you read the book of Colossians lately?

If not, let this be your encouragement.  It is rich and full of wonderful teaching on how to live life fully, in the power of Christ.  Here at An Extraordinary Day, we are all about living life to the full.

Our home church in Michigan is studying Colossians.  The pastor has asked the congregation to read one chapter in Colossians each day.  And since I’ve been watching the live stream of the service, I have been doing that.  It’s not only a good exercise, but it’s interesting how we see verses in new and fresh ways through the process.

Colossians 4:2 jumped off the page at me.

Pray diligently. Stay alert, with your eyes wide open in gratitude.
Colossians 4:2 ~ The Message

Here are a few things that I’m pondering.


One, the idea of praying diligently.

I get up early in the morning to read and pray and write in my prayer journal.  And for the most part I am faithful in that.  But, this passage has me wondering about diligence.  To be diligent is to work at it.  Hmm…  Using the Lord’s prayer as my guide, I pray in that order, usually.  But do I work at it?  What does it mean to work at our prayer?  Is it praying until God moves or something changes?  Or, are we in such need of this time with our eyes on God, and not ourselves, that we must to come to a time of prayer as if we were going to a job.  Our livelihood depends on showing up at a job.  Our spirits even more so.  We need to show up…everyday.  Yes?


Two, Paul admonishes us to “Stay alert, with eyes with open.”

If I’ve stayed up too late, it is difficult to be focused some mornings.  But, I don’t think that’s what he’s talking about here.  I think maybe he wants us to be acutely aware of what is happening around us.  Both physically and spiritually.  It’s so easy for me to be about me and my agenda.  Do you struggle with that, too?   Maybe it’s also about ‘knowing’ how God wants us to pray.  Not just praying, “If it be your will.”  But knowing His heart so well, that we can actually pray His way and not our way.


Three, thinking about, “with eyes wide open in gratitude.”

You’ll notice that I mentioned the “eyes wide open” part, above, as well.  This has me thinking.  Not only do we want to be ready to talk to God any time, about any thing, and be able to pray and ask according to His heart and will.  But, I believe we want to pray expectantly.  God is able to do abundantly more than we can ask or imagine.  So, we need to be watching to see Him move in mighty ways in response to our prayers.  And, of course, giving Him thanks even before our prayers have been answered.


That’s the way it has been as I have gone through this little book in the Bible.  Just one verse will have me thinking and mediating.  Isn’t that the beauty of God’s word?  It isn’t just a good story.  It’s alive!  It’s truth for today and tomorrow.


I’d love to hear your thoughts…

  • on this verse.
  • about what energizes you to pray.
  • on your struggles in prayer.
  • about amazing answers, and prayers that have gone unanswered, as well.
  • or, anything else prayer-related.


Joy Day! : 6/16 ::


It’s Joy Day!

The day when we stop and look back over our past week and count ‘seven.’  Seven things…blessings….gifts that have been filtered through God’s hand.  The goodness for which we are immediately grateful.  And the hard things that we so wish we hadn’t encountered, yet for which we still need to give thanks.

I’ll start with my ‘seven’ and you can follow with yours in the ‘share your thoughts’ section below.

I’m giving thanks for…

  1. Waiting.  We live in a world of instant gratification.  This is so very hard.
  2. A break for one blogging routine.
  3. For an amazing offer to paint our house in exchange for 2 months rent.
  4. Choosing to not live in limbo…one day at a time.
  5. For an interview!
  6. For God’s power and my friend’s healing.
  7. For three totally unexpected gifts.

Now it’s your turn!!  Join me in counting ‘seven.’  JOY will come.  And you do want more joy.  Yes?

To get even more joy….you just might want to take the Joy Dare here.


Giving thanks for this extraordinary thing called, prayer,


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  1. Christy says

    Thank you for writing this. I needed it today. God bless you.

    • Diane says

      That is so like God. I am blessed that He used my words to encourage you, Christy. To God be the glory!
      May you sense God’s amazing love for you today.

      • Happiness Noel says

        Better late than never to chime in? My husband Amen – his real name – has been sober for a few months now and I am so grateful to You Lord Jesus!!! May God bless Diane and her beautiful little spot of happiness and glory for God on the Internet. In Jesus’ name. Amen! 2/1/15

  2. Gail says

    Our lesson today was on Isaiah re truly worshipping God, being attentive to Him, not just reciting creeds.

    Gratitude is major in my walk wit God. Thanks for sharing the Col verse, somehow I hadn’t paid attention before. Thanks for your insights.

    • Diane says

      Ahh….’truly worshiping God.’ I bet that was a wonderful message to hear.
      Gail, don’t you find that gratitude is the game-changer? I can’t believe what a difference it makes in my day.
      Thanks for popping by with your thoughtful remarks.
      May your week overflow with HIS joy!! [hugs]

  3. Hello there,
    I like this very much. I am trying to be aware of what God is speaking to me – trying not to rush or be threatened with not getting something done.
    I opened another month’s linky at and would love you to link.

    • Diane says

      It is a challenge, isn’t it Janis? There is no smooth sailing in this journey. It really takes steadfastness and diligence and quiet.
      Thanks for your invite and for your thoughtful remarks.
      May your day be filled with joy!!

  4. Mel says

    I’m a human being and I do not do this deal perfectly…but I strive for it and accept less. I’m pretty disciplined, but diligent? I’ll have to look at that and inventory that. I think I can say I do try to stretch my limited perception and vision and look at circumstances, events and “stuff” differently…which sometimes gets me a remark anout mt “Pollyanna” like attitude. LOL. I’m good with that. I lived too long in the dark and self created dreariness. I remain humbled by the grace I get handed and the gift of life I get to play in. I whine but refuse to remain there. Life is too precious.
    With that I share great joy in
    * the Bug getting her first HOME.
    * the spectacular lightshow at sundown that I snagged some photos of
    * the whim he-who-offered-up-an-adventure had…I didn’t realize I needed that one
    * the yogart parfait one of the kiddos made me
    * the blessing of a friends safe journey
    * the ability to work, even with my current limitations
    * the opportunity to gift the sister this year….she could have not been here.

    I’m graced with such awesome gifts, huh? 🙂

    • Diane says

      Ha! Oh don’t I know the “I do not do this deal perfectly.” Striving….I think that’s part of the doing. It’s just this big ‘ol self gets in the way. 🙂 Oh how blessed you have been with these awesome gifts. And oh how blessed to have chosen the attitude to see and receive them with open hands. I rejoice with you…especially at one and seven (Blessings wishes to the sweet sis.)….three…I hope to read about that one. You absolutely do need an adventure…. 😉 Me too…a side trip from this current one. [wink]
      Wishing you a week overflowing with awesome new joys. [hugs]

  5. Lori says

    Colossians 2:2 is a favorite of mine!

    And about prayer – I read yesterday (?) or the day before from Luke 18:1 where Jesus “told his disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up.” – the parable was about a persistent widow who kept bugging a judge until he changed his mind… That got me thinking!

    • Diane says

      I think about that parable, too, Lori. Sometimes I think God wants us to have ‘skin’ in the game. There is a discipline and level of faith that gets increased as we pray diligently and don’t give up.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughtful words. I appreciate the love and encouragement.
      May your day overflow with HIS joy!

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