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I know...I've been an awful tease. First I gathered some pine cones, made them pop! and told you they were for a wreath. Then, I decorated the mantel with a sweater vase filled with pampas grass and peacock feathers and mentioned the wreath. And if you saw some of my posts on Facebook, you probably feel doubly teased. Maybe you were beginning to wonder if you would ever see this wreath.   Today is the day for unveiling my Pampas Grass Wreath embellished with pine cones and peacock feathers. So without further ado....drum roll please...     I love that nature provided … [Read more...]

Welcome to Day 24 of 31 Extraordinary Days to Be...  Or...simply: Be... Together, we will learn to Be… to live fully and beautifully in our “skin” and in our homes and beyond.  If you missed The Introduction or you'd like to follow the entire series, you can find each post listed here.     If you've been following this blog for even a little while, you have a pretty good idea of how much I enjoy God's magnificent creation.  So for fun, I thought I'd put together a little vignette.     As so often thing morphed into another.     It started … [Read more...]

  Want to bring the beach home or create a coastal or nautical feel in your decor? Create an Easy Nautical Life Ring Wreath. Hang it on a vintage window like I did here, on the wall, or even on your front door.   It's a super quick and easy wreath to make. You need a few supplies and in less than an hour, you'll have yourself some classy coastal decor.   Easy Nautical Life Ring Wreath     Supplies: A foam wreath form; mine came from the Dollar Tree. Ruler Scissors Straight pins Cream or white fabric cut into two and one-half-inch strips. An … [Read more...]

Today we're talking laundry room art.   Art takes different forms. Art helps rooms come alive.  Art gives walls visual texture or color or tone. Art can help set a theme or style for a room. Every room needs some sort of art.  Even the most humble or utilitarian space benefits from something artful. Even my laundry room.   Yours too!     Is the smell of clothes hung on the line one of your favorites? Except for being at camp and hanging my wet towel or swimsuit on a line strung between trees, I have never hung laundry outside.  But, that doesn't exempt me from … [Read more...]

  It's time to display our red, white, and blue! Stars and stripes! Buntings, banners, garlands, wreaths, and.... Old Glory!     It's time to get in the spirit of the holiday! Here's a simple, but festive way to.... Decorate a Vintage Window with a Patriotic Wreath and Garland for the 4th of July     This garland might look a little bit familiar.  I made a similar more simple star garland for my sunroom, which is all decked out for the Fourth of July!  A handful of stars were left over from that project...just enough to create a garland for the vintage … [Read more...]

  Are smitten with creating book page crafts, or is it just me? I was going through some old photos and discovered my first effort in book page crafting.     A Book Page Medallion Wreath When I decided to make this wreath I watched videos and read all kinds of how-to's.  It seemed pretty complicated to me.  And really, it was a piece of cake.  Kind of.  Don't laugh, but rolling the pages into mini horns was not as easy as it looked.  I think I needed a third hand.  You know how it is....some things come very easily for a few and the rest of us we have to work it. The wreath looks … [Read more...]

  Are you waving the flag for Memorial Day? I thought it would be fun to share a super easy little project to add a little patriotism to a wall or front door.   Easy Flag Ribbon Wreath & Tutorial Here's the "how to".....   One.   Gather some red, white, and blue ribbon.  You can see that I got mine on deep clearance a while ago.  Keep your eye out for out-of-season trims for the best prices.  And...really when I bought it I had no idea how I would use it.  But, the colors were just right.  It would be great to use three solid colors, too. Two.   Use an existing wreath that is … [Read more...]

  I'm loving this dramatic moment on my cabinet. It's a simple tulip wreath DIY project anyone can do. And by now, you must know I love quick and easy DIY projects. What is it about spring?  Are we so staved for color after a long cold gray winter that we are more than willing to put together such a glorious mix of colors?  I surely am.  In my sun room, anyway. Do you gravitate towards color in the spring, too? Summer...that's a different story.  Though many plant reds and yellows together in the summer garden, mine will usually be filled with white, purple, pink, blue, and a dash of soft yellow. … [Read more...]

  Welcome! From the moment you step foot on the brick pathway to my front door, I want you to feel welcome. For me, hospitality starts outside my front door. When you come to the door, my goal is for you to already be sensing that you are important and valued.   In addition to laying down the welcome mat a great way to make our homes look and feel inviting is to add a seasonal wreath to the front door.       Beautify the Front Door for Easter with a Burlap & Pastel Grapevine Wreath As you might guess, I have a few seasonal wreaths that I change out … [Read more...]

  Happy New Year!   Okay...maybe I'm a wee bit early.  But only 25 hours early! Remember my Joy Wreath hanging over the sideboard?  I thought it would be fun to quickly and easily transform it into a New Year's Wreath.     After removing the vintage balls and Joy and other nativity words, I added in some semi-blingy woodland picks I had in my stash. I borrowed a Silhouette machine which I have yet to master and cut out the Happy - New - Year - 2013 in some gold cardstock I also had in my stash. BUT, you can easily create these by using stencils and tracing them on cardstock … [Read more...]

Are you getting excited for the 4th of July?   Yes, I am.  This week I plan to do a little flag waving. At this point, I still can't find my small American Flags (Which box from the move are they still hiding in?).  But we do have Old Glory flying on the front of our house. Today I discovered an old bolt of American Flag ribbon.  (A garage sale cast-off!)  After staring at it for a few minutes, there were fireworks.  Haha, just a little creative thinking going on in my heard.  I started playing around with the ribbon and came up with not just one wreath, but TWO!! After all the fun of making the … [Read more...]

  It's that time of year here in Michigan when the night comes early and we make our homes warm and cozy to fend against those cool stiff breezes bringing in giant dark gray clouds to remind us that winter is coming way too soon. I want to hang on to the best fall has to offer and warm my home with rich textures and accent it with all of autumn's offerings.  It's sort of like turning up the heat, even if the furnace hasn't been turned on yet. (Though this year... it went on very early.)   Tips for Dressing a Living Room for Fall :: Home Tour    It's the time to … [Read more...]

  It's not too early to start making your own natural Christmas tree ornaments.  May these fabulous ideas inspire you to get your craft on.      My rustic nature-inspired Christmas decorations are my most popular posts. The best part of using the fruits of Mother Nature in your Christmas decor other than the beauty is that it is usually inexpensive. Take some time now to create without the pressure of the season and enjoy the process.  We all have good intentions, I don't want you to get caught on Thanksgiving weekend wishing you'd had a bevy of handmade natural ornaments. Use … [Read more...]

  Don't overlook that clearance item because it's not quite your style.  Here's how I gave a rustic farmhouse metal sign a makeover and turned it into casual coastal wall decor.     Have you ever been shopping and discovered something on a super sale that caught your eye, but it wasn't just right for you? When that happens don't dismiss the item... look at it again to see if you can tweak it or paint it or personalize it in some way to make it just right. Not long ago I was in Hobby Lobby when they were marking all kinds of home decor items down and I came across this metal farmhouse … [Read more...]

  Happy Independence Day to all my fellow Americans!     To celebrate, I dressed up a small sideboard in my dining room.  You might have seen glimpses of it in the background of the photos where I shared how to set a star-studded 4th of July table. It's funny how I didn't think I had much that was red, white, and blue with which to decorate.  Surprisingly I had plenty. The festive red, white, and blue banner was given to me by my blogging pal, Mary Beth from The How to Home.  It sets the perfect backdrop to the vignette.     If you wonder how to easily … [Read more...]

  I love the American flag and all things red, white, and blue. Right down to my dining table.     Yet, this patriotic tablescape almost didn't happen. This summer my focus changed from the blog to my personal health and wellness.  I'm making some strides, although it seems that it's two steps forward and one step back.  But, I decided to not stress over it.  Instead, I'm giving myself grace to let go of a few things.  I'm good at pushing through... not at receiving grace... especially from myself.     So, even though I love decorating for the 4th of … [Read more...]

  My sideboard is really just a console table but it's the perfect setting for a simple farmhouse style spring vignette.      Are you hungry for color this spring? I can't remember a time when I wanted color more than I do now. Maybe it's because we pretty much live in the woods... all those bare gray sticks sticking up everywhere for half of the year.  That's a LONG time!! It started with St. Patrick's Day when I couldn't get enough green.  And now... less than a month later... I'm loving pastels (with a bit of bright pink thrown in the mix) like never … [Read more...]