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Today I'm joining some of my blogging friends for a tour of Thanksgiving tablescapes and centerpieces.  You'll find all the details at the end of the post. Many of my friends say Thanksgiving is their favorite holiday. There's something to be said for a holiday that's about gratitude, celebrated around the table with a special meal, isn't there? This year I won't be hosting Thanksgiving.  I'll miss doing that.  However, I won't miss creating a lovely tablescape and centerpiece.  That's because I created one for a good friend of mine.  I had so much fun putting together this simple but spectacular … [Read more...]

  Wouldn't you like to have a wreath that could transition from late fall through Thanksgiving to Christmas and into New Year's?  Me too! Whether you have space issues, time issues, or just want to be efficient in your use of resources, I think you'll love this stunning transitional wreath for Thanksgiving to Christmas and beyond! It has the earthiness of fall with the burlap colored ribbon and the sparkle of the holidays with the gold polka-dots.     My goal is always to make a big impact without spending oodles of time and money on a project, so I'm always keeping my eyes … [Read more...]

  The coffee table is often the center of attention in our living rooms and family rooms.  It's a spot that so many want to get just right.  Especially since hours can be spent around that rectangle, square, or round low table. I've had many readers say, "Please help!" Because they just don't know what to put on their coffee table... besides a cup of coffee.  The idea of "styling" that focal point is intimidating. And for some reason... many feel the decorating pressure to create a perfect fall coffee table. After all... fall decor is coming close to pushing Christmas off that first place … [Read more...]

I cannot believe Thanksgiving is just about here! Did someone push the accelerator button?  Because time seems to be whizzing by at warp speed. All the more reason to take a few minutes to slow down... breathe... and acknowledge our blessings. I love this quote and printable from the archives... “When it comes to life the critical thing is, whether you take things for granted or take them with gratitude.” Gilbert Chesterton I know you'll want to download my free gratitude printable, to post at your work station, on the fridge, or even frame and place in a vignette for a constant … [Read more...]

Are you ready for Thanksgiving? I confess... usually I have plenty of plans made by this time... but I don't necessarily do well in the execution department unless I get all the details prepared a week in advance.  Let's just say someone might have had a meltdown. One thing I like to do is have my table planned out and set ahead of time.  For me, that is an important detail that gives me a lot of peace and joy. This year I created an Oak Leaf  Thanksgiving Menu Frame for the buffet.     You can read all the details at Mod Podge Rocks.   And speaking of Thanksgiving … [Read more...]

This was what I saw when I looked out the window yesterday, before we got several more inches of white lake-effect fluff. I am so not ready for snow. Leaves are still coming down. What is Mother Nature thinking? Does she not know... Winter does not officially arrive for another 36 days!! On the other hand... it is beautiful. Regardless... I still have fall and Thanksgiving on the brain. If you do too, you'll want to check out my tutorial for making beautiful natural leaf chargers for your Thanksgiving table.  Be watching for my Thanksgiving tablescape on Tuesday, followed up by another fun tutorial for … [Read more...]

Raise your hand if you've ever been late to a party. It's sort of embarrassing isn't it?  Everyone is already chatting and you're trying to fit in. That's sort of how I feel now that I've finally joined the Twitter "party." If you're on Twitter... would you help me "fit it" by following me and asking your network to follow me too? You can use the box on the sidebar at the right... or here's my handle:   Wow!  I sure can tell that the page on the calendar got turned for this week's link party! There is no doubt that many of you have already been thinking … [Read more...]

It's the little things that take life from ordinary to extraordinary. Don't miss my simple, low cost tips, ideas, and inspiration for extraordinary living. Do you recognize that statement? It's found in the green box on the sidebar over on the right. It's my teaser to get you to sign up to receive An Extraordinary Day by email.     The little things. Have you ever noticed a young girl playing with miniatures for hours, happy as a clam? Kids love their little treasures. They collect tiny things by the pocketful. But, as we get older, we set our sights on larger … [Read more...]

  Take your cues from Mother Nature and set a bird's nest themed Easter table with these simple ideas.     By now you all know that I'm a big time nature lover. I truly enjoy creating with the beauties of I did here and here and here. So when my friend enlisted my help in creating a tablescape for Easter I just had to add an extra touch or two from Mother Nature.   Creating A Bird's Nest Themed Easter Table This springy bird's nest themed Easter table all started when my friend picked up a variety of ceramic birds in white, yellow, and blue earlier this … [Read more...]

  It's hard to believe.  Memorial Day celebrations begin in just a few days.   It's the official weekend to kick off everything summer. One thing is for sure, many families and friends will be gathering to enjoy delicious food.   With that in mind, today I wanted to share with you a few... Patriotic Tablescape Ideas     It's easy for me to set a patriotic table because I have dinnerware in red, ivory, and blue. Red and white is great for Christmas and Valentine's Day. Blue and white is terrific for the snowy days of January and Hanukkah and Thanksgiving. And then, I … [Read more...]

  I did it again! Seriously I am having too much fun playing in my sun room.   Since we painted the trim white, I have so enjoyed dressing the sun room for the seasons!  And now that it's warming up I'll enjoy spending lots of time out there too. Here's my latest iteration... A Sunny Yellow Table Setting for Two     Do you recognize the cheerful vintage yellow crocus pot? It's a 1940's piece of pottery that looks amazingly contemporary.  Gotta love that!  For Easter I had blue and white eggs in each of the surrounding planting holes with the same daffodils in the middle.  This time … [Read more...]

My small group was getting together for dinner and I was preparing my favorite quick and easy vegetable side dish recipe...Far East Celery.  It's my go-to recipe that everyone always raves about.  And I love that it goes so well with beef, turkey, chicken, and fish dishes and I'm quite certain it will make a sensational side dish for a ham dinner, too.     With Easter dinner quickly approaching, I'm thinking many of you are putting together your menus right now.  Far East Celery would be perfect on the Easter buffet.  So, as I was purchasing my ingredients, I knew I needed to share my recipe … [Read more...]

  This year I've had fun making my New Year's table sparkle with gold and silver and candlelight.     You might remember my Thanksgiving table.  The gold trim on the plates were the hint I needed to splash gold accents all over my table.  Then for an early Christmas party I decided to splurge and purchased some silver chargers for just 99 cents.  That table setting was a twist on elements of the Thanksgiving table but in silver.     In preparing my New Year's table setting, I thought it would be fun to meld the gold and silver together for a perfectly imperfect New … [Read more...]

    Recently I opened up the holiday issue of Traditional Home Magazine.  As I flipped through pages of gorgeous home decor I came across a lovely table setting.  It was exquisite.  Beautiful china and crystal and elaborate centerpieces.  I enjoyed the eye candy that was presented on those pages.  And it inspired me to look at my cupboards and see what I have in a new light.     How could I creatively put together a lovely holiday table without going out and spending a lot of money?  What a great challenge.  Have you taken on such a challenge?   It would be easy to whine and … [Read more...]

  What do we celebrate on Thanksgiving?     When I was a little girl, the front of the church would have a beautiful assembly of pumpkins and squash and corn stalks. Even then, it warmed my heart.  We would sing a song about the harvest being gathered in, and it seemed so big, like a great accomplishment.   And I would think of the glass canning jars filled with peaches and tomatoes that lined the shelves of the "turntable" in my mother's heavily laden I could hardly make it spin an inch.  Harvest....that was what Thanksgiving was about.  Everyone gathered together in … [Read more...]

 Day 23   Today I looked ahead to November. Can you believe that Thanksgiving is just 4 weeks away!  Whooa....time is ticking away too quickly!  I'm loving this fall, finally!  But, before you know it Thanksgiving will be here!  And 4 weeks later...Christmas!  Too much goodness on the horizon while I'm in the midst of savoring the season and not wanting to look ahead just yet.  Today it was 70 degrees and sunny.  A real Indian Summer.  Simply gorgeous.  And pretty soon it will be time to order my turkey.  Yikes! With that in mind I thought that maybe we should begin thinking about Thanksgiving.  We … [Read more...]

  It's that time of year here in Michigan when the night comes early and we make our homes warm and cozy to fend against those cool stiff breezes bringing in giant dark gray clouds to remind us that winter is coming way too soon. I want to hang on to the best fall has to offer and warm my home with rich textures and accent it with all of autumn's offerings.  It's sort of like turning up the heat, even if the furnace hasn't been turned on yet. (Though this year... it went on very early.)   Tips for Dressing a Living Room for Fall :: Home Tour    It's the time to … [Read more...]