If we got out one of those big red thermometers and called it a Joy Meter
how much joy would it show you have?


An Extraordinary Day | Give thanks in all circumstances | Adirondack Chairs - Berkshires Landscape


Are you full of joy?

Or does your Joy Meter register a big fat zero?


One thing I’m discovering is that my joy has little to do with my circumstances.

I know that I can choose joy.  But, sometimes I allow my circumstances to set my Joy Meter.

Last evening I had a moment to choose joy or not.  Believe me this is small stuff.  Really small stuff compared to the farmers who are losing their entire crop or patients receiving a dreaded diagnosis.  Yet, no matter how big or small our situation, how you or I choose to deal with even a little circumstance can set our Joy Meter on a big fat ZERO or it can rise to the top.

We were running a few errands and I commented to my husband that he was walking too fast, there was something going on with my sandals and they were slowing me down.  Upon examination, I discovered the soles of my sandals were disintegrating with every step I took.  It was as if I had used up their usefulness at that very moment.   The leather instep and uppers looked almost as good as the day I purchased them, twelve years ago.  They still had a nice stylish and sort of edgy look I love.   But the man-made material that had once provided the foundation and cushioning for all of that was vanishing with every step.

After I got home I took them off, handed them to my husband, and he disposed of them for me.

I was sad.  New sandals are not on my immediate or intermediate horizon.  My wardrobe will feel a big hit. Phooey.


An Extraordinary Day | Choosing joy in all circumstances | ADK chairs in Berkshires



Last night I was given a silver platter opportunity.

We get them everyday, sometimes multiple times a day.  Sometimes they are seemingly insignificant like my sandals and other times they are life-changing.  What makes it a silver platter opportunity is that we are presented at that moment with a choice.  We can say, “Thanks!” or “No thanks!”

Do you remember watching movies where the butler would walk into a room holding a silver platter upon which there was a slip of paper for someone in the room?   The individual whose name was written on that slip of paper needed to respond to whatever was on that piece of paper.

How do you respond when a thunderstorm arrives on that ONE day you have planned as a special family day?  How do you respond when a friend drops by with a dish of awesome gooey goodness?  How do you respond when you get the answer you’ve been hoping for?  How do you respond when you receive unexpected bad news?

I could go on.  The key is, when a silver platter is presented to us with a situation…we need to respond.  And how we respond is what makes our Joy Meter rise or fall.


In the book of Ephesians, the Apostle Paul gives guidelines for living a godly life.  He writes, “Sing and make music from your heart to the Lord, always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Ephesians 5:19b-20.


My proper response to the silver platter opportunity….

  • Thank you Lord for showing me those cute sandals at TJ’s for such a great price!
  • Thank you that they went so well with so many outfits and looked great for 12 years!
  • Thank you that I was wearing them around town and not on a trip, when I only bring sneakers for a second pair of shoes!
  • Thank you that you have already made a way for me to replace them in your perfect timing!


What was your silver platter opportunity today?  Yesterday?

How did you respond?  Are you pleased with your response?

If not, the great thing is….you can change your response.  You can choose to give thanks even if it seems like it’s the craziest of things to do.


When we give thanks our Joy Meters rise.  We have a different kind of contentment.  Our burden is released.  And peace flows in and about us.   It almost makes me look forward to my next silver platter opportunity.  How about you?


On Joy Day! we count our blessings….just seven from the past week.  I’ll begin.

  1. Little amber bottles filled with healing remedies
  2. Rebate rejection
  3. Old silver rejuvenated
  4. Shells from past ocean trips
  5. Pink and purple Morning Glories
  6. Used up sandals
  7. Sleepless nights

Let’s celebrate together.  

Please add your seven…or at least one in the comment section below.  


Wishing you a week where you blow the top off your Joy Meter!!!





  1. karen fittry says:

    Being able to combine a long trip visiting family and a lunch with good friends on the way home!

  2. 1. We had enough food in the house that I was able to spend the boys’ last week of summer vacation doing fun things instead of taking them grocery shopping which they despise. 2. That we were able to go and do fun activities last week thanks to my husband’s hard work. 3. I didn’t get lost on the way home from the zoo!
    4. Unexpected alone time with my husband. 5. Time spent with extended family 6. A tiny bit of rain! 7. My husband was able to fix the washing machine.
    I really loved this post; it was a good reminder about keeping things in perspective!

    • Hi Jean!
      Yes, it really is about the perspective and choosing to find the good in it. Sometimes we forget that God really is working all things for our good. 😀
      Your week sound wonderfully blessed. I bet your boys were thrilled with the special memories you created. Don’t you love it when you can be creative with your menus and your time?
      Wishing you another Extraordinary week!

  3. What a fabulous and inspiring post! Thank you for reminding me to choose Joy and keep my perspective!! I hope you are blessed and have a very ‘joyful’ day!!!

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