Life is not perfect, except in dreams.

And today, on Father’s Day, there can be all kinds of feelings…

For some… good feelings automatically surface.

For others… just the mention of “father” causes a flood of negative feelings and memories.


Ship on Lake Michigan - Father's Day Devotional -


My husband’s father did the best he could.  I’m sure he loved his kids, but having six kids under the age of 10 was no doubt challenging to him. I’m guessing he thought if he showed kindness or told his children he loved them that he would lose his authority or control.  And then there was the alcohol thing.


Grand Haven Harbor - Inspiration for Father's Day -


Early in our married life, Tim and I were the leaders of the senior high youth group. During that time we discovered a high school kid, connected to a family from our church, who had left his mom’s house in another state because he hated her lesbian lifestyle.  He had hopes that his dad who was newly married would accept him if he came to his home.  Instead, he ended up bouncing from friend’s house to friend’s house and sleeping in the woods on other nights.  We took him in and consulted with his dad and had high hopes that the two would renew their relationship and he could live with his father.  Instead, one day, we started receiving child support checks in the mail. That was not the solution we desired for this troubled young man.

These are not the warm fuzzy memories any of us would choose to have about our fathers.  And certainly, it is not what God has desired, either.


Ship navigating the channel at Grand Haven - Inspiration for navigating Father's Day -


Father’s Day is an “uncomfortable” day for many.  Maybe you?

When that’s your reality, the focus needs to change from what you’re missing or lost to what you have.

If you just said to yourself… “I’ve got nothing.”  I get that.

But, there is one thing… one Person you DO have.  God.  Your heavenly Father.

The Lord is like a father to his children,
tender and compassionate to those who fear him.
Psalm 103:13

God compares himself to the most amazing father you could ever dream of having.  He’s tender and loving and compassionate. He cares for you, more than you might even imagine. He counts the hairs on your head, he knows every single detail of your life, he even knows what you’re thinking and speaking before you open your mouth. He always has your best interests in mind.

We can even call him Abba Father.  Daddy.

I get that you might not be able to throw a football with him, play golf, or wash the car together.

I get that you can’t crawl up in his lap and hold his face and pull his ears.

But, he’s written a love letter to you… the Bible.  He desires that you spend your every waking hour with him.  And he wants to guide and direct you in the path you should go. And he cheers you along the way.  He’s constant, loving, and always available.  Aside from being able to touch him, he’s the best father ever.

Some time ago, I stumbled on this video of two small children adopted into loving homes.  They are thrilled to have a “real” father now.  They tell how they went from “Fatherless to Fatherfull” and you can too.

Fatherless to Fatherfull – Father's Day Video

Fatherless to Fatherfull – Levi and Lia tell the story of their journey from fatherless to fatherfull in honor of Father's Day. Their little brother Luca, who is mentioned in the video, has now joined their family as well.Thank you for the multitude of thoughtful messages we’ve received from all over the world over this last couple years about the impact that this “Fatherless to Fatherfull” video has made on your lives or on the lives of others. We are grateful that this message could be a blessing and encouragement to many.Blessings from the Mullen Family!#fathersday #happyfathersday #dad #superheroFor other recent videos from Levi, Lia, and Luca, check out:1. “Happy Anonymous Superhero's Day!” – Mother’s “That Tomb is Still Empty 4” – Easter “The Line Shall Be Crossed” – Samaritan Series 2 of “Go Find That Baby 3” – Christmas “Luca’s Going Home” – Adoption Video clic aquí para ver el video "Fatherless to Fatherfull" con subtítulos en Español: You have permission in advance to share this video “Fatherless to Fatherfull” with others, and your church has permission to show it publicly in church services or during church activities. Please do not post this video without citing or linking to this original post. We request that this video be used with discretion and only in appropriate ways. If you are not sure whether or not your use is appropriate, please do not show/share it. Thank you.Note 2: Our videos are available to you completely free. If you wish to make a donation to support our future videos, you may donate via paypal at:

Posted by Joel Mullen on Monday, June 1, 2015


I’m grateful that I have an earthly father and a heavenly Father.  And they’re both really, really good.

Today I will celebrate the memory of my earthly father.

I’m so grateful and blessed to have been the apple of his eye.

How blessed I am that he made time for me… for drives along the lake, stops at greenhouses, sitting down and drawing or painting with me, playing catch in the backyard, and long, long talks after supper where I discovered that I was smart, and had a voice, and could do anything I set my heart on.  I’m grateful for all of that.  And thankful that many of the things that make my heart sing today are a direct result of my father’s involvement in my life.  I’m also grateful for the ways he stepped up when my mom wasn’t available and for the salad he made for my girl scout potluck that obviously wasn’t like what the other moms had prepared.  For picking me up at school with a snack and dropping me off at the rink for figure skating and hanging around when there were just moms.  Or for picking up one of my friends and then sitting in the car at the beach on a hot summer day, working, so my friend and I could go swimming and enjoy time at the lake.


Large ship navigating the Grand Haven channel - how to navigate Father's Day -


I’m also thankful that he expected boys to treat me well, and he restricted my time with them even when I didn’t like it one bit. And there was that one boy… the one he called “Slim” that he grew to love. The one he took shopping for a sports jacket so he would know how a jacket and suit should fit and even tagged along when that same boy went to purchase his first new car.

One of my favorite memories was of my dad taking me to church every Sunday.  He’d drop me off at Sunday school and come back and we’d go to the worship service together.  After church in the warmer months, we often stop at McDonald’s for a burger and fries and then drive down to the lake.  I loved that time alone with him.

I am so fortunate to have had a good dad.

And even more, I’m blessed to have an Abba Father who is still with me, every minute of the day, every day, forever.


Great Lakes Ship - Wilfred Sykes - Father's Day inspirational devotional -


No matter what your dad is/was like… present or absent… there is one dad…  Abba Father… heavenly daddy… that you can celebrate today.

Have a thankful heart for your earthly dad and whatever role he played… even for the not-so-good.  You see… God… your heavenly father uses all that to make you into the person you are today.  He makes beauty from ashes.  His love is lavish.  And he is the one who will heal and restore what was damaged or lost with your earthly father.  It might not change your relationship… but it will change your heart.

And ultimately… the one relationship that counts is the one with your heavenly father.

Be sure to tell him, “Happy Father’s Day,” today.


  • Is Father’s Day is a hard day for you?  Know I care and right now I’m praying for you.  Feel free to share how you navigate those tough days.
  • If you have/had a good relationship with your dad… What’s your favorite memory made with your dad?


Ship in the Grand Haven channel - JoyDay! -


It’s JoyDay!

I love JoyDay!  There isn’t anything better than each of us sharing the good things God has done in our lives this week.  Both in the happy and in the challenges.

Will you join with me in counting ‘seven’ from the past week?

I’ll start!

Thank you, God for…

  1. the treasure of a wonderful dad
  2. YOU, heavenly Father, Abba Daddy
  3. a beautiful walk along the lakeshore early this morning.
  4. strengthening me to take the longest walk I’ve taken in a year.
  5. showing me the perfect flower boxes and the joy of planting containers.
  6. the bright red cardinal who dances his way to feast on my oranges.
  7. Your incredible love and how You care for the people I love.

Now it’s your turn!  

Please join me by tapping in your ‘seven’ in the ‘share your extraordinary thoughts’ section below. I dare you!

Thank you for stopping by and taking time to leave your sweet thoughts.

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  1. Minnie says

    Happy Joy Day!
    Sounds like your daddy was a hoot. He knew what needed to be done and did it. I know you are thankful for him and I am too. He raised a wonderful daughter. Thanks for sharing you?
    This has been a very stressful and scary week so I’m keeping this simple and to the point.
    Lord I thank you for keeping us in your care. For watching over us, loving us, protecting us.
    For hearing our prayers and answering.
    Blessings to you!

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