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Put together this inexpensive and simple shamrock wreath for St. Patrick’s Day in a flash.


Simple sparkly shamrocks on a grapevine wreath for St. Patrick's Day -

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Extraordinary seasonal home decor shouldn’t take a huge chunk of time to create.  I don’t mind putting a lot of time into projects that will stay up year round, but Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter… for those holidays I believe we should be able to create pretty or fun decor that’s eye-catching in a flash for few dollars.

That’s why I was so excited to make this totally fun, colorful, and very simple shamrock wreath for St. Patrick’s Day.

It’s super easy to make and it cost me just $2.00, plus tax.

The funny thing is, I didn’t plan on making a shamrock wreath.

When I was thinking about creating a St. Patrick’s Day tablescape, I picked up a package of shamrocks at the Dollar Tree. At first, I thought I might scatter the sparkly clover leaves all over the table.  Much to my disappointment, the two greens were not quite the perfect match for my tableware. So I put my thinking cap on and decided that they would look terrific on the grapevine wreath that you often see hanging on the rustic door that sits on my console table.


Simple & Sparkly St. Patrick's Day Wreath on Rustic Wooden Door on Console Table -



My next step was to experiment with the shamrocks and see how many it would take to decorate the wreath.  I barely had enough, and then I revisited the idea of using a few of the lighter green ones at each table setting and then realized I would be short.  So when I was running errands one day, I dropped by the dollar store one more time, hoping to pick up more shamrocks.

No doubt you can already where this is going.  Yup… they had run out of shamrocks.  Hmmm…. what was I going to do?  I really had no idea… but I did notice that they had some large shamrock cutouts that were very close in color to the small shamrocks I already had.  For a dollar, I decided that it was worth the gamble and it came home with me.

Once home, I assessed the situation again and decided that I didn’t NEED the small shamrocks on the table.  That meant that all twelve shamrocks were available to decorate the grapevine wreath.


Remove inside of shamrock -


I experimented with the large decorative shamrock which I’m guessing was designed to be a door hanger or wall art and decided that it not only fit perfectly in the middle of the wreath, it looked terrific there.  In mere seconds I trimmed off the organdy ribbon and discarded the “Irish Blessing” shamrock insert and nestled that large shamrock in the openings of the grapevines making up the wreath.

The next thing I did was raid my tiny stash of paper crafting supplies for some pop-up dots.  Because this is seasonal decor that I’ll have up for all of two weeks, I didn’t want to make the decorations on the wreath permanent.  Semi-permanent is perfect!  3-D foam pop-up dots have adhesive on both sides which made attaching the clover leaves to the wreath super easy.


Shamrocks and 3D Pop-up Dots Supplies for St. Patrick's Day Decor -


All I had to do was stick a dot to the back of the shamrock and then stick the shamrock onto a vine on the grapevine wreath.  Removing the protective paper covering the adhesive, of course. It can be a little bit tricky to place the dot in the right spot, but if you eyeball it, you’ll get the dot placed, just right.  A couple of vines on the wreath were super thin, so I placed a dot on the backside of a grapevine and then stuck the shamrock to the vine and dot.  If you need to use more dots to get them to stick in place you may do that.  Mine are holding up nicely.  HOWEVER… my shamrock wreath is not in a spot where it will get bumped into.  If your wreath is in a traffic area of your home, you may need something more permanent to hold on your shamrocks.


Assembling a simple shamrock wreath on a grapevine base -


If you’re looking for inexpensive St. Patrick’s Day decor that looks classy and whimsical at the same time AND costs next to nothing… this is your project!!  The grapevine wreath (which I purchased last year for about $4 at Walmart) will be recycled into another project and the pop-ups were incidental.   Essentially it’s a $2 decoration!  And you can’t beat that!


St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Wreath and Greenery Vignette on Console Table -


And, if you like the center of the shamrock that I put aside, you could always hang it or tuck it into a St. Patrick’s Day vignette somewhere in your house.

There you have it… all the juicy details on how to make a super easy and simple shamrock wreath for St. Patty’s Day!

I hope you’ve been inspired today.

If you’d love some ideas on setting a mossy green St. Patrick’s Day tablescape, you’ll want to see this pretty table I created.


Dining area decorated for St. Patrick's Day with a simple wreath in shade of green -

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How to Make an EASY and Simple Shamrock Wreath for St. Patrick's Day -


What are you doing for St. Patrick’s Day?  I’d love to hear.

Thanks so much for popping by today!

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  1. Minnie says

    Oh what a fun idea!
    And I have never seen the sticky doos…I usually use hot glue for such things because I can later pry it off but now I will look for the little dots. Thanks for the heads up on that.
    Oh and of course I’m crazy about the sweet wreath.
    Blessings to you!
    Minnie ☘️

    • I’m so glad you love it too, Minnie!! Thank you!!
      Obviously, hot glue is fabulous, but I just was not looking forward to peeling off the glue for another project so I put my thinking cap on and voila! They are a wonderful temporary solution.
      Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend, my friend!

  2. Gwen says

    I too had not seen these in dots. I’ve used them in rectangles or squares that I’d cut and wreck scissors!! I’ll have to keep these dots in mind. Your wreath is fun!! And festive too. Just a beautiful table and vignettes.

    • I love it when I discover new “tools.” A girl has to have her tools, I always say. LOL
      Thanks, Gwen! I’m loving the wreath and the fact it cost me only 200 pennies. 🙂

  3. Mother of 3 says

    That is adorable and so very easy! Love it. PInned.

  4. Ivory says

    Wow, so cute, I love it a lot. Thanks for shearing.

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