Think outside the box to create your own home decor and learn how to make a pillow from a table runner. 

One of the simplest ways to “springify” your home, besides giving it a fresh cleaning, is to add some fun new spring decor.  Even better… make that new decor yourself.  If you can cut with scissors and thread a needle… you can handle this super easy DIY project!

When I was out shopping for my Easter table, some table runners beckoned me.  Goodness, they were cute.   One, in particular, caught my eye.  It was the sweetest bunny rabbit with a crown of flowers and a cute bow around her neck.    Here she is…


Cute printed bunny a DIY project from a table runner -


After browsing through the spring and Easter section at the store, I realized that at less than the price of ONE pillow, I could have TWO spring pillows from that one table runner. Saving money always makes my heart sing.  So, of course, I adopted those sweet bunnies, right there on the spot.  Chloe’ will enjoy life as a sweet pillow for my loveseat and Chloe’s twin sister… well… she will have her own story to tell very soon.

Let’s talk about Chloe’ for now.

Here’s how she quickly and easily morphed from a table runner to a cute decorative lumbar pillow.  But, before I get into the “how-to’s” I just want to make sure that if you choose to transform a table runner into a pillow that you choose a table runner that is lined on the backside.  That’s the key to making this super EASY project.


Quick & Easy DIY - Turn a Table Runner into a Decorative Pillow -

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How to Transform a Table Runner into a Pillow


Let’s Make a Pillow

To begin, measure the width of your table runner.

Because my runner was 16″ wide, I chose to use a pillow I already had on hand for the insert.  A travel pillow that was 14″ x 20.”  It was a little bit wide, but because it was lightly stuffed it squeezed in just fine.  Generally, I use pillow inserts that are two inches wider on all sides than the pillow cover to give the pillow a nice plump look.

Travel Pillow for Decorative Pillow Insert -

Since my pillow was 14″ high, I chose to cut my table runner at 12 1/2″ giving me a half inch salvage to fold in for sewing shut.

Measure and Mark Runner for Cutting -

You’ll want to make small marks with a pencil at the cutting point and then use a straight edge to draw a line for cutting and then cut along that line to create your pillow cover.

Measure and Cut to Create Pillow Cover from Table Runner -


Slip your pillow insert into your new pillow cover.  Be very careful that you don’t split the sides of the table runner.  If you want to play it safe, hand stitch the top corners to secure things.

Fold in the top of the unfinished pillow edges and with your pins, pin the top shut for sewing.

Insert pillow into case and pin together for sewing -

Hand sew across the top of the pillow with a simple slip stitch joining the two sides together.

Finished Bunny Pillow Project -


Wasn’t that easy?

You now have a lovely custom decorative seasonal pillow that YOU made and there are still projects ahead for the rest of your table runner.  Don’t you love it?

Miss Chloe’ is the perfect addition to my couch with the pretty jar of pink ranunculus nearby.


Creamy white living room with blue accents and pink ranunculus and a DIY Bunny Pillow -


This year I’m using pink, definitely a new twist for me.  I’m glad I made the choice as it feels so warm and homey with all my blues and grays. Would you believe that I haven’t used pink in home decor since I was about 5?  That’s when I chose a pink wallpaper with ballerinas all over it for my bedroom.  That wallpaper stayed up WAY too long.  It wasn’t until I was thirteen that my mom re-papered my room with my more adult choice of yellow and white plaid with white daisies sprinkled all over.  Isn’t it funny how that pink wallpaper was enough pink to last a lifetime for me?  Have you ever made a decorating decision that’s impacted all your future decorating decisions… good or bad?

Pin It to remember for Later because it's so good - AnExtraordinaryDay.netCute decorative pillow and room decor for spring -


Did you notice… on the bottom right side of the pillow there’s a tag.  As I was setting the pillow on my loveseat, I discovered the sewn in tag that came on the table runner.  Just for fun, I left it there.  It’s our little secret that comes with a question.  Did she really make that cute pillow? Only you and I will ever know.

Hope you’re having a great week readying your home for spring and Easter.

Be sure to be watching to see how Chloe’s twin makes an appearance in my home very soon….

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  1. This is a brilliant idea. I have seen lots of makeovers using towels but they are not large enough. By using the table runner your material would be that little bit wider. Great job.

    • Diane says

      Thank you, Leanna! I agree a towel folded over makes a cute, but pretty small pillow. 😉
      All the best for an extraordinary week!

  2. Mia says

    So cute and perfect in your decor. Great idea for use of table runners in general. Do you have any ideas for the leftover fabric? Similar plain to coordinate with the bunny? Long pillow for bedrroom?

    • Ahhh… I’m in the process of creating two more things from the runner… but I’m keeping it under wraps… Check back later. 😉
      Thanks Mia for your kind thoughts! xo

  3. Gwen says

    I am so glad you shared this. What creativity!! I think Chloe needs to stay up until at least May Day!!! She’s so cute. What a great addition to your decor. The flowers ? add just the right amount of pink. It’s not like you painted your walls!!! I was watching a 1990 Colombo TV show. The walls were pink!!! That’s been a long break since pink’s popularity!! I’d say it’s about time you embrace this latest trend!! Chloe looks just right on your couch.

    • Awww… thanks, Gwen! I think she looks pretty content on the couch too!!
      You know I love pink flowers in the garden… so in essence, I’m just bringing a bit of the garden inside with this pink. FYI… there’s a bit more pink coming… 😉
      Love those old Colombo shows, too. 😉

  4. Minnie says

    Pretty charming! And cleaver to-boot!
    Whenever I come up with a diy that saves me money and gives me what I want I always feel like I’m getting over on someone. Not sure who….just someone that wants me to spend my money. You got over real good. Super cute! And Chloe…love the name.
    You also made me laugh when you spoke of your childhood bedroom. You reminded me of my room. Mine was Raggedy Ann until I was 14is.
    Blessings to you!

  5. Very cute! I love re-purposing random items into something even better. Visiting from Project Inspired.

  6. Hi Diane,
    What a cute and simple idea! I love to sew and this makes it easy. Really appreciate the tutorial Happy Easter and Happy Spring! ~Cheryl

  7. Great tutorial, Diane! Wonderful tip, using a table runner!

  8. What a sweet Easter touch! Love the bunny print!
    I’m not even going to pretend that I’m going to make that – but I’m forwarding your tutorial to my whizz-on-a-sewing-machine sister with a note attached that gifts are always appreciated LOL.
    Thanks for sharing – and Happy Pink Saturday!

  9. Awwwww Miss Chloe is adorable and it’s really so clever using a pretty lined table runner as a pillow. I’ve been seeing the most beautiful ones in the shops recently. Lovely idea Diane

  10. Great DIY, love how it turned out! Thanks for sharing with us at the To Grandmas House we go link party!

  11. peggy gatto says

    What a delightful pillow and a super idea, thanks!

  12. Pinky says

    What timing!!! A friend of mine just made 2 pillows from a runner and I have the SAME runner. BUT, no sewing machine. I won’t need one with this tutorial! I am so excited to try to MAKE A PILLOW ….or 2!!!!! Thanks so much!

    • Yay!! I love when things work out like that! Please share your pillow with me! Can’t wait to see it, Pinky!

  13. Your pillow turned out so pretty. I love the bunny, she’s adorable. Such a pretty addition to your home! Thank you for sharing on Party in Your PJ’s!

  14. Cute project Diane! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  15. Ivory says

    OMG, this is soooooo cute. I love it! I love the idea of using a table runner, especially one this pretty.

  16. Linda says

    Such a cute pillow! I’ve made pillows out of napkins before but never thought of using a runner, so clever. I will be featuring this at The Creative Circle link party this week!

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