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On the weekends my husband works at our local men’s transitional shelter.  There is a volunteer who regularly pours herself into the ministry by cooking delicious meals for the men there and getting others from her church to do the same.

It’s a gift of love that the men greatly appreciate. Especially on Friday nights.  Previously a nutritionist was preparing their food, but on Friday nights, they usually just had a salad and frozen pizza.

The men are always grateful for any food, but pizza and salad isn’t men’s food. It’s more like an appetizer, especially at the end of a work week.

So when I heard that this Friday the men were enjoying a full meal of chicken, potatoes, veggies, and dessert I was so happy for them.  The nutritionist left the nonprofit for another job and this thoughtful volunteer stepped up immediately.

That was the scenario I had in my mind when I read the following from my daily devotional…

In Matthew 6:9-13 Jesus taught us to pray:

Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name. Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.

To seek God’s kingdom coming to earth is to declare our great need for God’s presence, provision, love, and redemption. We have been given a mandate of the highest importance from our King of kings. We are to carry the kingdom of God with us everywhere we go and release this kingdom through everything we do. We are called by Jesus to bring heaven to earth.  —

This sentence JUMPED off the page as I read it…

“We are to carry the kingdom of God with us everywhere we go and release this kingdom through everything we do. We are called by Jesus to bring heaven to earth.”

And then I had that “Ah Ha!” moment.

This is exactly what that caring volunteer was doing at the shelter… releasing God’s kingdom into the lives of the men through the ministry of her food.  Immediately I texted my husband to share this with him and to ask him to thank her for her gift of love (and food).


Beautiful sunset over Lake Michigan - Learn how to live to bring heaven to earth -


All that got me thinking…

What do I do to release the kingdom of God to others through my daily life? 

It’s a question we all need to ask ourselves.

Are you bringing heaven to earth?


Seagull viewing the sunset on the lake - Inspirational encouragement for bringing heaven to earth -


It’s been a while since I regularly prayed the Lord’s Prayer.  Maybe I need to resume praying it every morning… especially these words:

Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name. Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

It’s a good way for each of us to position ourselves properly for the start of the day.

That way your day won’t be all about you.  Or even your immediate family.  Instead, it will be about God and his desires… bringing his kingdom to earth.

How would your day look different?


If you had this perspective what are the changes you might make in your day? 

It could be taking the time to listen to the child next door who seems to always ride his bike next to your car when you’re backing out of the driveway.

It could be taking a meal (home cooked or supermarket deli) to a family walking through a challenging time.

It could be volunteering your time to read at the school or help mentor a child in the after-school homework program.

It could even be as small as sending a friend a text or even making a phone call.

There are countless ways that we can DO something that will bring heaven to earth.

Several years ago I shared 52 Practical and Thoughtful Ways to Encourage Others.  Maybe one or two of those ideas will get you started.


Sun setting over Lake Michigan with Seagull in foreground - Inspiration for living well and bringing heaven to earth -


The one thing I do know for sure is that when you make a decision to bring heaven to earth you will look at life and people differently.

You’ll see people who need love, compassion, and more.

Every one of us has challenges on life’s journey.

Why not be the tangible hands and feet of Jesus to your neighbor?


“We have been given a mandate of the highest importance from our King of kings.”

I can’t wait to hear what you do to bring heaven to earth!

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JoyDay! - Seagull on the lake at sunset - Inspiring Devotional on the Kingdom of God -


It’s JoyDay!

And time to get our joy meters soaring!

Please join me in thinking back over the past week and counting seven things for which you are thankful.  This simple exercise of counting and giving thanks together in this space is something we do each week to reset our compasses and put our eyes back on the Lord.

I’ll start…

Thank you, God…

  1. for Your mandate to bring heaven to earth and including us.
  2. for the fun and unexpected get together with my old neighbor. 
  3. for the gift of marriage and being able to celebrate our anniversary at a nice restaurant.
  4. for the lovely lunch and gift and special time with my friend.
  5. for the amazing way you chose this week to encourage Tim.  I’m so very grateful.  
  6. for my friends who pray and how you use those prayers to buoy us.
  7. that You are so worthy of our full trust.

Now…it’s YOUR turn!

List your ‘seven’ in the ‘share your extraordinary thoughts’ section below.  You’ll be glad you did.

Thank you for stopping by and taking time to leave your sweet thoughts.

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  1. Minnie says

    Happy Joy Day!
    Lovely and touching words you always send our way.
    Lord I thank you for,
    1. Last week I received a phone call telling me my father was within days of dying. Surgeon refused to do more
    surgery because my dad wouldn’t make it out of operating room. Nothing more can be done. DNR has been
    signed. Plans have been made. NOTHING MORE CAN BE DONE. HA! Do these doctors not know who MY GOD
    No he is not suddenly all better. But he is out of ICU. I did get to speak with him. And he is still seriously ill and that
    will not change but each day is a day the doctors said he would not have. And it has even been reported to me
    that he was telling the nurses one of his silly jokes. Thank you
    2. Thank you for listening to and answering prayers.
    3. Our son and his little family made it safe and sound to Texas.
    Oh the crying I did. I’m a big ol baby.
    4. Our oldest grandson came over the other day and spent extra special time with us. We know it was special
    because he told us so.?. Kids say some funny stuff.
    5. Husband felt good enough to go to the movies with our youngest son. He didn’t like the movie but had a good
    time anyway.
    6. Youngest sons fiancé is coming to stay with us for a few days. She sure is a sweety.
    7. Thank you for using people to do your works. To speak your words. To show your love.
    8. I also want to thank anyone and everyone that prayed for me. I truly felt the love surround me.
    Blessings to you!

    • Minnie, it is heartwarming to know our good, good Father is holding your earthly Father in the palm of his hand and demonstrating his power and love. I LOVE that he was able to tell silly jokes to the nurses. Your dad is an inspiration, too.
      May you sense God’s peace girding you up through these challenging days and may your heart overflow with hope and JOY! {hugs}

  2. Gail says

    A few years ago, I purposefully set as a daily goal to do 3 “moving things forward” acts. Thank you for this encouraging post and for the 52 practical ideas. I needed some addt’l ideas to what i’m already doing.

    • I LOVE your daily practice of 3 “moving things forward” acts. The world is a much better place because of YOU, Gail! Thank you for sharing that. May your days overflow with JOY!

  3. Gwen says

    Joy Day. I was a hermit. I want to be more active this week. My appointment on Thursday took a lot out of me. It’s a lot when we both don’t feel well. I sometimes feel so isolated I feel frustrated. But this is where I am.
    1. I cried orvrather do really hard every day but it passes and I kind of or totally forget why. I just know my heart is breaking when it happens. I’m glad it goes away suddenly as suddenly as it starts.
    2. I have no appointments this week and I’m so glad to have a break.
    3. My girls and families are home after long trips safe and sound.
    4. I got a letter from a cousin. That was really nice.
    5. Hubby made dinner and I can add to it and make another meal tomorrow.
    6. Such a quiet peaceful weekend.
    7. Hubby is getting his office room back together. It’s a small room and needs a bed and a large chair and a half plus desk with files. But he’s liking it!!
    I’d like to have a friend take me to get flowers and run a couple errands. It’s so hard to not be able to take myself and justify and explain every movement. If I ask for a ride, I can be judged for where I want to go. I have no one now that I can call up. It’s making me feel blue.

    • Gwen, I’m so sorry that you have these struggles. Most of us take for granted the ability to just jump in our cars anytime we need. I rejoice with you for all the good things and pray that God will meet your needs for transportation and friendship.
      May your day be filled with unexpected JOY! <3

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