A few things made me pause this week…..


Like this quote from Francis Chan.  

"Our greatest fear should not be of failure...."

unknown source

Do these words hit you between the eyes, too?


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Do you ever wonder what kind of legacy you will leave?  New father, Jeff Goins, and guest writer at Chatting at the Sky gives three powerful thoughts on how to begin the journey of leaving a legacy.

I loved it when he said this, “…if you want to create more beautiful art, live a better life.”  I want to live a better life.  How about you?


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Do you know any who are brokenhearted?  Maybe your heart is broken.   Mine is in the process of being repaired.  Ann Voskamp writes a prayer for the brokenhearted at {in)Courage.

Ann Voskamp's prayer for the brokenhearted.


This grabbed me. ” It’s the hurting and wounded who are always the ones called to be medics — to administer lavish grace, to cast the messy in the best, merciful light.”  I know it from experience.  Are you a medic?


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Every day we hear something in the media about how to get healthy.  Don’t eat fat. Don’t drink soft drinks, Coffee is bad for you, especially caffeine.  Drink more coffee…the more you drink the longer you live.   There are lots of ‘experts’ touting the latest bit of health info.  Some of them make an ‘about face’ and carry on.  Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist shines a light on one prominent figure.   Wouldn’t you like to know the REAL truth about what or what not to eat?


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Each week I’m personally challenged by Ann Voskamp’s writing at A Holy Experience.  This week was no exception.  She said this.  “Because the food served on plates, isn’t it the rotting and dead?”  And this.  “Eating Scripture three times a day, it’s the one spiritual habit that has most changed us — because a body, famished, needs to eat and there’s only one way to eat life.”

I concern myself with the rotting and dead food that goes in my mouth.  Do I equally concern myself with living food that feeds my soul?   Do you?


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This week I wrote my first tutorial.  It was a lot of work.  Now whenever I see a tutorial I will have a much greater appreciation for the work of the writer.    Plant a gorgeous window box or container garden in a few easy steps {Part 2} is in the works.


And for JoyDay! this container garden will be the basis for a story of God’s tender heart of me, and you.  There’s lots in store in the days ahead.

Container garden


Wishing you an EXTRAORDINARY weekend!



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  1. Susan says

    Oh boy. This post is full of things to really think about. And I’m going to. Thanks. Going to check out your tutorial sometime today. Thanks for that too!

    • Diane says

      You are welcome! And thank YOU Susan! I do think it will be worth your time and trust you’ll be blessed, challenged, and inspired too.
      Wishing you an extraordinary day on the farm!

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