This year, will you be missing the comforts from home at the holidays?   Most of us want to be home at the holidays... but it isn't always possible.  We rarely made it home for Thanksgiving or Christmas when we lived in New York, but the 4th of July, you betcha we were there! Living far from home, we developed a strategy for the holidays...     Tips for Celebrating the Holidays Away from Family Invite friends and acquaintances to join you for the holiday. It's amazing how many people are away from home or alone for the holidays. Don't do everything yourself. Ask … [Read more...]

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #DonVictorHoney #CollectiveBias Hospitality is my thing. There isn't anything I enjoy more than having people over for a meal. And hosting weekend guests... that's even more special for me.     It's so fun preparing for them, making sure their room is cozy, planning out all the meals for their stay, and making the table look inviting. Probably my favorite meal to plan is breakfast. Especially as most of us hurry out the door in the morning with something like a slice of toast … [Read more...]

This is a sponsored post for Parrot Uncle for which I received compensation. All opinions are my own.   Close your eyes for a moment and imagine the interior of your favorite farmhouse style home. Doesn't it feel warm and homey? As you picture in your mind your ideal farmhouse style home, you are likely seeing a bright open space, filled with things you love in your favorite colors.  Though you are aware of the brightness and charm, you may not necessarily be seeing light fixtures.  That's because when a room or home is well lit with natural light from windows and beautiful artificial lighting, … [Read more...]

  This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser.   Family time is a high value for most of us.  But, sometimes the wheel of life spins so quickly... even the most important people and times in our lives get away from us... despite our desires or best intentions. We all know the value of sitting around the table for family meals... yet more often than not the drive-thru seems like the only option on a hectic day. With that in mind, here's a Super Easy 7 Ingredient Southwest Chicken Supper that will nourish your family and only take a tiny bit of your limited … [Read more...]

Do you have any rituals in your daily routine? For some of us, a daily ritual might include fluffing all the pillows in the family room and pushing the start button on the dishwasher before going to bed, or picking up a personal electronic device and checking email first thing upon waking.  Those rituals are important to keeping our daily lives moving in a rhythmic fashion.  We need them to help us function effectively in our super busy, fast-paced lives. As much as we need those functional rituals, we also need personal rituals too.     Most of us don't take time for ourselves.  As women, we … [Read more...]

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #ChangingPrepaid #CollectiveBias   I used to think that having a smart phone for personal use and blogging was an extravagance. But today, I'm enjoying my new Simply Prepaid™ plan from T-Mobile and Samsung Galaxy Avant phone.   It wasn't all that long ago I had this conversation with my husband... Are you crazy?! $129 a month for one cell phone? Do you realize what we could do with that money? I confess, my wonderful sweet husband got quite an earful.  And then he said... … [Read more...]

I wrote this post as part of a paid campaign with Plaid Crafts, Michaels and Blueprint Social. The opinions in this post are my own.   DIY Decorative Wood Tray :: Wall Art for Spring with Hope Quote   I love birds!  This time of year, backyard feeders are busy with countless songbirds feasting. Just like me... I'm sure our feathered friends cannot wait for spring!  But, until spring comes, we can have fun creating beauty for our living spaces with Spring Wood Surfaces from Michaels.   Recently I was blessed to be selected to participate in the Plaid: Michaels Spring Wood Run Challenge. … [Read more...]

This post is a partnership with All opinions are entirely my own.  Have you ever been invited to someone's home for "the big game" and once it was game time, the blinds came down and the curtains were drawn so that everyone could see the TV without glare?   My good friends did that very thing.  Their room started to feel closed in and cave-like. It was like being in another world.  Quickly I had no idea what the day was like outside the windows, it felt like night inside, just so we could watch the game. I don't know about you, but I'm one of those gals who prefers not to have anything at her … [Read more...]

Today I'm partnering with Dollar Tree to share their special Anniversary Bonus Buys with you. I love celebrations.  Especially when they help me get more for my money.   My pocket book is going to LOVE Dollar Tree's Anniversary Celebration.  Many name brand favorites will still be $1...but they'll be available for a limited time in larger sizes...up to 58% more FREE for each item.  Ca Ching!     I've been wanting to create a fall table arrangement using a glass vase.  So when I learned that Bonus-Sized Glass Vases would be a part of Dollar Tree's Anniversary Celebration, I started to do … [Read more...]

 I'm pleased to partner with Plaid Crafts and Blueprint Social to introduce you to FolkArt® Stencils & Paints.   Add the feeling of fall to your home in unexpected ways.   Often when we think of fall decor we think of pumpkins, gourds, and colorful leaves. May I challenge you to think outside the box? I sure did when I created these fun, stenciled, animal print plates. Don't you agree....they're fabulous and unexpected? Certainly for my home decor. Today I'm going to show you how to use stencils, so you too, can create fabulous unexpected fall … [Read more...]

When I was growing up I spent a lot of time looking in the mirror.  You too?  Each time I glanced at my reflection I hoped that my appearance would improve.  Maybe it was because we had some pretty big mirrors in our house, or maybe it was because as a tween, my parents sent me to charm school at the local department store, but between there and home, I got the message that my physical appearance as well as the way I carried myself were important. At charm school, we learned how to sit and stand and even model pretty outfits for the store's style show.  We learned about fashion, the best name brands, how to … [Read more...]

If you've been looking for a detailed tutorial so you can try your hand at chalk painting, you've come to the right place!    Back when it was below freezing and the snow was driving sideways and the drifts were rising an inch an hour, my friend Alice asked me if I would be willing to help her paint her antique washstand.  We live half an hour apart and there was no way I wanted to drive in that crazy winter weather, so I told her I'd love to, in the spring. Spring came and with it an opportunity to try out the new FolkArt Home Decor™ Chalk. This post is part of a sponsored … [Read more...]