Fun with photography and a FREE photo composition guide.


One of my favorite pastimes is taking pictures.

Even before digital cameras I took boatloads of pictures.

That was sort of expensive.

The beauty of digital cameras is that you can take several shots in hopes of getting the right one.

And I do.

Rarely is my first shot a keeper.

I’ve been taking photos for what seems like forever.  But if you were to look through my photo files you won’t see lots of pictures of people.  That is one area I need improve my skills.  Taking photos of people is different than snapping shots of nature.  That’s one area I need to improve for sure.

Since I know I need to improve my picture taking skills… I thought you might be in the same boat.   That’s why I’m sharing this wonderful resource with you…

Don’t miss this FREE Photo Composition Guide 

to improve your photos in less than 5 minutes.


Have fun and learn how to instantly improve your photos for sharing on Facebook or Instagram.

Have fun and learn how to instantly improve your photos for sharing on Facebook or Instagram.


With these tips… you’ll be ready to capture life’s little moments with your camera!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! Photography is definitely an area I need to learn and grow in. All I have now is an iPhone camera, but I’m buying a friend’s nicer camera this summer and am excited to learn more about this area!

    • There’s so much to learn in photography. I guess that’s the beauty and art of it.
      How fun to have time this summer to “play” and learn your new camera. I’m so excited for you Lauren!


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