You can create fun, whimsical, home decor for St. Patrick’s Day for pennies.  And it’s quick and easy, too!

I’ve been having the most fun transforming this wall and cast-off table for the different seasons and holidays.  All on a super small budget. You’re going to love all these super easy ideas that you can duplicate, too.


Easy Green Home Decor Ideas for St. Patrick's Day


Let’s start with the items on the table top.

Books are a great way to frame objects that would otherwise seem to be floating in space.  They serve two purposes.  One… to give some additional height and two… to give substance or weight to the vignette within a vignette.

Here I covered two books with scrapbook paper I picked up at Hobby Lobby at 50% off.  I purchased several sheets when I was there to use and didn’t spend $2.00.  Scrapbook paper is a way to add color and in this case, a little whimsy to your vignette as well.  While I was there I also purchased this sweet little bird, which I’m planning on white-washing for about $1.50, because it was on sale, too.

The little faux boxwood pot was on clearance at Meijer one day and jumped into my hands.  I’ve wanted one for a long time and I believe God brought me to that spot at that time.  I would prefer a preserved boxwood as opposed to plastic, but this works, and at $4 and change, the price was right and a little plastic doesn’t make me any less thankful.


A touch of GREEN with faux boxwood and scrapbook paper


I love how this tea towel with the green stripe and tassels gives texture and interest to the table.  It was one of those clearance items at Home Goods and perfect for an inexpensive gift.  Unfortunately, I never see the friend I purchased it for any longer… it’s sort of bittersweet reminder.

Similarly to the books, the tea towel also serves to keep the objects from feeling like they’re just floating around on the table top.


St. Patrick's Day Vignette - Simple & Easy Ideas for Adding a Pinch of Green to Your Home Decor


One of my favorite items on the table is the terrarium.  I need to do a little tutorial for you on how I created this.  It’s actually in its second iteration. The container was a thrift store find, the moss came from the yard, and the miniature cyclamen plant with white flowers was about $3 at Meijer.  I’ve been enjoying it for nearly two months.  In an upcoming post, I’ll show you how I’ve used it in other places in my home to transition through the winter months with live foliage and flowers.

The small cake plate is something I’ve had on hand from a photo shoot.  The ribbon was an addition.  It was one of those small spools I picked up last year after St. Patrick’s Day for pennies at the HobLob.

Together the cake plate and terrarium create quite a statement.


Inexpensive Ways to Add Green to Your Home Decor for St. Patrick's Day


I LOVE Cyclamen.  My first introduction to Cyclamen plants was when I was in college on a European travel study.  Several of the palaces I toured had winter gardens that were magnificently planted with all kinds of plants that were new to me.  The drifts of Cyclamens were magnificent and I’ve been crazy about them since.

Finding this miniature plant at the store was totally fun for me and great for my budget too.  Aren’t the leaves just delightful? And I love how the flowers hang upside down from their stems.


Inside this tall moss-filled terrarium is nestled a miniature Cyclamen plant


Decorate for St. Patrick's Day with these simple and EASY ideas


When creating a seasonal vignette, you just might have common everyday items around the house that you can include in your vignette like this luncheon plate that I picked up a few years ago to use in a table setting for about $1 at Pier 1.   Because the plate was so dark, I felt like I could dress it up for St. Paddy’s day by adding a shamrock I hand cut from more scrapbook paper.  I know it’s a little cheesy… but I can do cheesy for a holiday.

The chalice is a Goodwill find that I’ve used as a base for a small Christmas tree… but perfect for this theme.


Green Pier 1 Luncheon Plate Emblazened with a Hand Cut Shamrock is Perfect for a St. Patrick's Day Vignette


Colorful miniature banners are a delightful way to add color and whimsy to a seasonal vignette.  So much fun for mere pennies.  Just look at all the ways I’ve used scrapbook paper to add color to this space.

It was so easy to glue the triangles on a string and tie them to my nearly free thrifted tray basket.


Simple and EASY ways to add a pinch of green to your home decor for St. Patrick's Day


Do you remember seeing these square art pieces in my peaceful winter vignette?


It's amazing what you can do with paper for pennies for holiday home decor


They were snowflakes.  Because the snowflakes were just placed on those mailing boxes with sticky tacky, I could easily remove them and create all new wall art.

I had an idea that maybe I could find a St. Patrick’s Day card at the Dollar Tree.  This cross is perfect and its Celtic design goes so well with the chalice in the vignette, too.


A dollar store greeting card can become St. Patrick's Day home decor for wall art


What could be easier than cutting out the cross with a wonderful scripture blessing on it from Numbers 6:24-26 and again using sticky tack to adhere it to the mailing box? Not much.


Cross with scripture verse becomes art work for St. Patrick's Day


Isn’t this mossy shamrock just so sweet?

I love how it duplicates the mossy terrarium.

Repetition of color, texture, and shape can do much to pull a vignette together.  In my thinking, repetition is key to a well-decorated room.


Create Wall Art for Just Pennies with Paper and Mailing Boxes


You can easily create your own mossy shamrock.

You’ll need heavy paper or cardstock.  I chose green so that any moss that might be missing will not show the background.

I had moss leftover from last year’s St. Patrick’s Day and Easter baskets.  It’s great to have on hand, but I did spy a small bag at the Dollar Tree so if you’re only going to create one small item like a mossy shamrock… it’s perfect.

You’ll also need scrap paper to make a template.  I cut out hearts and made a template as you can see here.

Mod Podge (affiliate links) crafting glue and a paintbrush and scissors are the only other necessary tools you’ll need.


EASY How to Make a Mossy Shamrock for St. Patrick's Day Wall Art


Paint your paper shamrock with Mod Podge in sections and press your moss down into the glue.  Continue until you have covered your shamrock.  Don’t worry that it will look like a mossy blob.  Flip over, and use your scissors to cut any of the moss that sticks out beyond your shamrock paper.  Apply sticky tack to the back of the shamrock and press it on the surface of the mailing boxes, or whatever you choose for your background.


So many little touches for this St. Patrick's Day Vignette -


See how simple and easy it is to create a lovely St. Patrick’s Day vignette for your home?

If you’re loving the fun pillow in the basket, you’ll have to find out how it came to be a part of my home decor.  It was made for some pretty simple decorating.

Do you decorate for St. Patrick’s Day?  I’d love to hear what you do?  And if you celebrate the day in some way… special food and drink?

Have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

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