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  Be inspired today with these fun and creative patriotic holiday decorating ideas... Holidays give me a great reason to have people over. We love spending time with friends in an informal way. There's something about a holiday that puts everyone in a more celebratory mood. Plus... it gives me a theme for table decor and more.     With that in mind... Memorial Day is almost here and it's the perfect reason to open the cupboards and drawers and pull out all things red, white, and blue. Since Memorial Day is about remembrance and appreciation, it's a great teaching … [Read more...]

This week's Project Inspire{d} party was filled with amazing creativity! June 14th is Flag Day and the Fourth of July is just around the corner! Now's the time to get your crew together to make patriotic crafts and festoon your home in red, white, and blue in shapes of stars and stripes. Wish we could get our craft on together.  Wouldn't that be fun? Get your pinning finger ready for this week's Great Ideas!    16 Patriotic Crafts to Make at Home American Flag Pallet by Diva of DIY Patriotic Wind Catcher by Greco Design Company Tic Tac Toe Game by Reasons to Skip the Housework Buttoned Up … [Read more...]

This weekend is the official start of summer and I am so ready for summer... you too? I love seeing everything green and blooming.  And then there are all those wonderful balmy breezes. After spending a major part of the year inside... I'm enjoy being outside sans boots and hats and jackets. What do you love about summer? How would you like a weekend getaway or a day of pampering? I'm excited to join my blogging pals in this $450 PayPal CASH Giveaway Click the link here to enter: a Rafflecopter giveaway Giveaway ends at 9 PM EDT on Sunday the 24th. Now it's time to show-off your Great … [Read more...]

I love wildflowers! One of my favorite things to do is to walk the roadside and pick bouquets for decorating the table(s) for the Fourth of July. Earlier this week it rained quite heavily for a few days, so the wildflowers were pretty beat up. But, Wednesday, I went for a very long walk and discovered just what I wanted.  Happy Day!     The next morning I went for another walk scissors in hand. To my dismay, the massive scissors of the local road crew had come through and leveled my wildflower garden. You should have seen my face. I think it fell to my knees. Why, at … [Read more...]

Poppy was feeling rather patriotic here.     She wasn't sure which was more important, looking pretty though hardly able to keep her eyes open on the snazziest of chairs, or making her furness comfy on a matelasse cushion.     I think the sleepiness and a soft cushion won out.  We can all identify, yes?     How did you spend your Fourth of July?    ~    ~    ~    ~   ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~   ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~   Catch up on all that's Extraordinary...   this week at … [Read more...]

  It's time to display our red, white, and blue! Stars and stripes! Buntings, banners, garlands, wreaths, and.... Old Glory!     It's time to get in the spirit of the holiday! Here's a simple, but festive way to.... Decorate a Vintage Window with a Patriotic Wreath and Garland for the 4th of July     This garland might look a little bit familiar.  I made a similar more simple star garland for my sunroom, which is all decked out for the Fourth of July!  A handful of stars were left over from that project...just enough to create a garland for the vintage … [Read more...]

Just in case you hadn't noticed.....I like graphic art. Something colorful for the holiday or the season that can easily be slipped into a frame to create a lovely 'moment' or vignette is easy to do, eye-catching, and whimsical. You'll laugh, I was thinking about creating a printable for the Fourth of July, but when I happened over to my Red, White and Blue Pinterest Board, well,  it seemed rather unnecessary.  I had already pinned several very nice 4th of July printables. It occurred to me that you might like to know about these too.'s a little round up of my favorites...just for … [Read more...]

  It's hard to believe.  Memorial Day celebrations begin in just a few days.   It's the official weekend to kick off everything summer. One thing is for sure, many families and friends will be gathering to enjoy delicious food.   With that in mind, today I wanted to share with you a few... Patriotic Tablescape Ideas     It's easy for me to set a patriotic table because I have dinnerware in red, ivory, and blue. Red and white is great for Christmas and Valentine's Day. Blue and white is terrific for the snowy days of January and Hanukkah and Thanksgiving. And then, I … [Read more...]

Are you getting excited for the 4th of July?   Yes, I am.  This week I plan to do a little flag waving. At this point, I still can't find my small American Flags (Which box from the move are they still hiding in?).  But we do have Old Glory flying on the front of our house. Today I discovered an old bolt of American Flag ribbon.  (A garage sale cast-off!)  After staring at it for a few minutes, there were fireworks.  Haha, just a little creative thinking going on in my heard.  I started playing around with the ribbon and came up with not just one wreath, but TWO!! After all the fun of making the … [Read more...]

  Happy Fourth of July!     I LOVE everything about celebrating the 4th, but especially I love all things red, white, and blue. It's been a while since I've been able to set a patriotic table, but this year is finally my year... thanks to an unexpected clearance at Walmart way back in January.  Right smack in the middle of the main aisle was a display of deeply discounted housewares items.  Since I always prefer shopping anything house related over clothing, I was immediately drawn to the display.  Down on the bottom shelf, I noticed a stack of red plates.  Cute red plates with a … [Read more...]

  Don't you love it when you drive down the road on a beautiful breezy day when the sun is shining bright and you see one of those bigger-than-life American flags waving out over the road with all its might?  Or how about passing a house with the front porch festooned with red, white, and blue bunting, and giant urns filled with red geraniums and lots of small American flags?  These are the kinds of sightings that make my all-American heart beat faster. I wanted to create that same kind of feeling for the Fourth of July with mason jars and flowers. And I'm pretty happy with the … [Read more...]

    There you are... standing in line at the grocery store. There they are... beautiful blossoms beckoning you to take them home. You hear their whispers, "I'm so pretty, your house needs me." "You know you want me... take me home with you." But, you remember that you have no idea how to make a tulip arrangement.  And you tell yourself, "Flower arranging is not for the faint of heart." Pshaw! You may never have successfully arranged flowers before in your life.  But TODAY!  Today you will make a stunning floral centerpiece and it will be the FIRST of many, many more to … [Read more...]

  Raise your hand if you like quick, easy, and inexpensive party ideas. Me too!  That's why I just had to share with you this super simple and inexpensive... yet extraordinary 4th of July dessert idea.  Plus a few extra tips to make your Fourth spectacular! Whether you just entertain a few friends or the whole neighborhood... you are going to LOVE this!   Here's how it all came down. I just made a quick trip into Walmart to pick up glitter, jars, and Mod Podge for this amazing 4th of July mason jar post I am cooking up for the blog.  As I was running from one end of the store to the … [Read more...]

  Hello, friends!  Thanks for coming by! I know some of you are suffering from too much rain. Please know you are in our thoughts and prayers. Here in the mitten state, even though it did rain over the weekend, we haven't had nearly enough liquid precipitation.  Though I have to say, after a long gray winter the sunshine is so welcome.  It's great for garage sailing... I scored a few treasures that should be making an appearance on the blog... and today I transformed the lampshade of one of those great finds. I was in need of a new iron and God provided... not any iron... but top of the line Rowenta and … [Read more...]

  Hello friends!  Thanks for coming by! I hope you had a wonderful weekend.  Mine was picture perfect!  I even enjoyed spending some time at the beach checking out the flying antics of some expert kite flyers at our local kite festival.  The wind was mostly perfect and the sunshine warmed me to my core.  My face got a little sunburned... but it was so worth it. Can you believe that this coming weekend is Memorial Day?  Boy did that sneak up on us quickly!  If you're a little behind... you'll want to check out these inspiring red, white, and blue ideas curated from this past week's edition of Project … [Read more...]

Chocolate! Just the mention of chocolate and I saw your ears perk up! Dark, Milk, Bitter, Semi-sweet... it all calls my name. Everything except white.  (And in my book white chocolate is not chocolate.) If you've got a chocolate tooth (which is NOT the same as a sweet tooth) or if you'd prefer to call yourself a chocolate lover or maybe even chocoholic... then you're in for the biggest treat today! I know your "pinning finger" will be busy  pinning these scrumptious dessert recipes for chocoholics.  Just sayin'!    10 Scrumptious Dessert Recipes for Chocoholics   Extra Fudgy KitKat … [Read more...]

Are you friends with a sewing machine? Growing up, my mom taught me how to sew.  It's a skill I am so grateful to have. That being said... most of my sewing is now in the form of straight lines for window treatments. I'm super impressed with these ladies who can refashion clothing. Now that you're inspired... The next time you're in the thrift store... look for something to makeover. NOW... Get your pinning finger ready for this week's Great Ideas!      7  Clever Clothing Refashions   Copycat Anthropologie Striped Heart Tank by Five Marigolds Frozen Jean Skirt by Sew Much To … [Read more...]