Day 28


If you knew you were fully and completely loved….

Would it change the way you live?

Would you think more highly of yourself?

Would you be more confident?

What would be different?
 {31 Extraordinary Days} Loved! - Heart-shape of Autumn Leaves framing Jeremiah 31 vs 3


We have an amazingly faithful, extraordinarily loving God who created each of us uniquely and is head-over-heels crazy about you and me.


This week you may feel…

  • anything but pretty…
  • or that no one cares or notices you…
  • or that you can’t bear another burden…
  • or that ___________ (you fill in the blank)…
  • or maybe all of the above.

But….know that Jeremiah 31:3 is true for YOU!!

God told them, “I’ve never quit loving you and never will.
Expect love, love, and more love!”  (MSG)


I don’t know about you….but this is amazing.


The definition of expect is – believe strongly; anticipate.  One of the synonyms is trust.  Isn’t that interesting?   I can trust that God will always love me.

Expect love.

He doesn’t stop there.

Expect love, love, and more love!


Sometime during the day you or I will feel inadequate, inferior, or something worse.  We need to give that stinkin’ thinkin’ a great big shove.  We’re past living an ordinary, less than, life.  The King of the universe loves us and will keep loving us.  Always.

Why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary.

Seriously….that kind of love proves that you (and I) are Extraordinary!!

Doesn’t that fill your heart with joy?  It sure does mine.


Joy Day!


Today is the day when we count gifts/blessings/joys.
We count just seven from the week.  What are you thankful for?

I’ll start…

  1. Seeing my past trial used now to encourage a friend.
  2. A glorious dewy morning with the most exquisite sunshine
  3. Indian Summer
  4. Cocoa at night made by my sweetie
  5. The kind encouraging words of a dear friend
  6. Being missed by Poppy…and all her attention thereafter
  7. Warm temps and sunshine for painting

Now, it’s your turn!!  Please count yours in the Share Your Thoughts section below…




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  1. Glenda Kremer says

    1. so thankful Jesus rescued me from dark pit I was living in over 32 years ago!
    2. thankful for the blessing of my awesome family!
    3. Thankful for fun time I had yesterday at our church fall festival when I got to be Queen Esther and tell all the kids who came to me about Queen Esther!
    4. Thankful the Lord has given me such a great love for people!
    5. Thankful the Lord has given me the privilege and love for praying for people
    6. thankful for 5th grandson due on Christmas Day! and for my 4 grandsons now!
    7.Thankful for the hope of Spring as the cold weather starts!

    • Diane says

      I’ll add….thank you that Glenda shines for you, Lord.
      And I’m so glad you reminded me of the hope of Spring as these heavy gray skies and cold temps descend on us.
      Keep being Extraordinary, Glenda!!

  2. Mel says

    Seven, eh?

    ….hearing “I love you, Nana” from a 3 year old this morning.
    ….’do-overs’ when I mess something up.
    ….the forgiveness of those around me.
    ….Sunshine and blue skies on a 23 degree morning.
    ….that I GET to be of service to G-d and others. How cool is that?!
    ….that being loved isn’t based on what I do–it’s just a given in my relationship with my Maker.
    ….Oh……and opportunities–the abundance of opportunities I get placed in my path. NEVER bored! LOL

    Thanks for this!
    Joyous day to you and yours!

    • Diane says

      Oh Mel! So much goodness for which to be thankful!!
      Wishing you a new week filled with extraordinary joys!

  3. Let’s see what I can remember…

    1. Three days of perfect autumn weather.
    2. My daughter’s 27th birthday (on the 23rd)
    3. A dark rainy afternoon to sleep off my headache, or at least try.
    4. A giant pile of fallen leaves and children to jump in them.
    5. The blessing of helping my mom with a shower. Sometimes I forget it is a privilege.
    6. Warm apple pie and coffee with an old friend.
    7. My Darling telling me he’s got me “in his hip pocket.”

    • Diane says

      I love the…”he got me “in his hip pocket”” – that is priceless!!!
      May your week be filled with new joys around every corner.
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your seven, Martha!

  4. How wonderful to focus on our JOYS!t
    To give Him the Gory for the gifts received daily.
    A great focus.

    Today I am thankful to be home.
    A warm meal in the crockpot.
    Lots of family in my home.
    Our church service.
    Songs that we sang this morning.
    My husband.
    Beautiful Sunflowers sitting on my table.

    Thank you Glenda,

    • Diane says

      I think when we focus on the joys he gives us, countless more come to bless us.
      Your seven are wonderful gifts.
      Thanks for stopping by Virginia and blessing me too!

  5. A beautiful Shepherd and his wife to celebrate today.
    Little baby grandson arms outstretched.
    A harvest togetherness with friends around the campfire.
    Knowing God’s arms are around my friend who lost her granddaughter last night.
    An encouraging sermon on grace through temptation.

    • Diane says

      Yes!!! So much to take joy in.,
      Thanks for counting your blessings here with us, Pamela!
      May you sense the Savior’s love in a new and fresh way this week.

  6. Can I just say I love your verse and the Message translation? I needed to hear the part about stinking thinking!

    • Diane says

      It’s interesting, I was going to use the version of the verse I had memorized and then decided to see how it might be worded in another version. I love the way Peterson put it in The Message….it makes God seem (we know he is) more loving and approachable. And Susan… praise God that he used my words to encourage you. Big hugs girly!!!

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