Need true peace?   Actually, most days it's amazing that I am not completely overwhelmed and stressed to the max. The only thing that keeps me from a full-blown panic attack is trusting God. The only thing.   I'm a doer.  A fixer.  And right now I can't do or fix anything.  Everything is out of my control. Except for one thing.   I can choose to trust God.   My mind can invent every scenario imaginable. My mind can be paralyzed so that it's impossible to accomplish anything. Or... I can choose to focus instead on God … [Read more...]

  It's just a few days after Thanksgiving. Are you still in the moments of gratitude? Or have you jumped on the busy bus? I'm not sure why, but I am in a bit of a reflective mood today...savoring the moment....steering clear of busyness.   Sometime ago I walked around a small lake.  I was enthralled with the lighting and snapped this photo.  It has not been altered in any way.  I love the ethereal clouds and the way they reflect on the water along with the bursts of the sun.  And, I remember the peace and tranquility I felt, as I wandered the path along the water's edge with a … [Read more...]

Seeing God demonstrate his love for us in nature. If we just look, God has object lessons of his grace and love all around for us to see and experience.     Almost exactly 3 years ago to the day, my husband and I were sitting in the office of our executive pastor. We were anticipating some new changes in the structure of the children's ministry.  Tim was leading a thriving and growing ministry to children with excellence and grace, and we were anticipating a good meeting.  Several minutes later we were told that we (I was Tim's ministry assistant) would no longer be leading the children's … [Read more...]