It's so good to have you join us for this week's party! I was seriously amazed by the creativity brought to last week's party.  Let's just say, you made it super challenging to choose features.  There were so many great ideas... I wish there was room for all. Thanks for coming by today.  I hope you can make time to stick around to get inspired and maybe even make a new friend or two when you "meet and greet." Just in case you missed all the extraordinary goodness from this past week... Hanging Mason Jar Posies for Mother's Day and Giveaway   Is it Possible to have True Joy and … [Read more...]

A few things made me pause this week.....   Like this quote from Francis Chan.   unknown source Do these words hit you between the eyes, too?   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   Do you ever wonder what kind of legacy you will leave?  New father, Jeff Goins, and guest writer at Chatting at the Sky gives three powerful thoughts on how to begin the journey of leaving a legacy. I loved it when he said this, "...if you want to create more beautiful art, live a better life."  I want to live a better life.  How about you?   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   … [Read more...]

There seems to be two views on sweets: "I love a sweet treat now and then."  OR  "I must have a sweet treat. Now!" On which side do you fall? Me? Pretty much, "I love a sweet treat now and then."   Recently, I found myself wanting a sweet treat after supper.  Then, after lunch.  And yes, it's true, after breakfast. And then, I'm being really real here, I found myself wanting sweets for supper, lunch, and breakfast. Sweet treats were doing more than calling my name, they were downright accosting me at every corner. They even went so far as to open a candy shop and an ice cream … [Read more...]