I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers. Anne Shirley - author Montgomery :: AnExtraordinaryDay.net

Growing up, it wasn't unusual for me to bring home an armload of books from the library on a weekly basis. One of my favorite reads was the Anne of Green Gables series by Lucy Maude Montgomery. I loved Anne Shirley for her joy of life, not to mention the entertaining mishaps she got herself into by living life to the full.   Please "pin" this image and share it on Facebook.   There are a few stories that stand out in my mind. How fitting that this quote is from one of those memorable chapters... OCTOBER was a beautiful month at Green Gables, when the birches in the hollow turned … [Read more...]

Dollar Tree Household Supplies -DT2014

Today I'm partnering with Dollar Tree to share their special Anniversary Bonus Buys with you. I love celebrations.  Especially when they help me get more for my money.   My pocket book is going to LOVE Dollar Tree's Anniversary Celebration.  Many name brand favorites will still be $1...but they'll be available for a limited time in larger sizes...up to 58% more FREE for each item.  Ca Ching!     I've been wanting to create a fall table arrangement using a glass vase.  So when I learned that Bonus-Sized Glass Vases would be a part of Dollar Tree's Anniversary Celebration, I started to do … [Read more...]

Book Page Pumpkins & Gourds :: AnExtraordinaryDay.net

If you've been following here for any length of time, you know how much I love book page projects. Creating everything from Christmas trees to medallion wreaths, to spring-flowering branches with book pages makes my heart sing.   As summer rolled into fall, I got the itch to create another book page project. Any guesses as to what I might have tried my hand at? Yup! You guessed it! Pumpkins and gourds.    Please "pin" and share this image.   You really can create pumpkins and gourds from paperback books! Especially if you have a great imagination. … [Read more...]

Unexpected Fall Patio Decor

   Mary Beth from Cupcakes and Crinoline    ~   Malia from Yesterday on Tuesday Stephanie Chan from The Silly Pearl    ~    Diane from An Extraordinary Day   Welcome to Project Inspire{d}!   I am so glad you're here! I'm pretty sure this seems silly, but when the clock strikes 8 on Monday nights, my heart starts racing with anticipation.   I cannot wait to see what Great Ideas you link up!  You are so talented. Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by, link up, link back, and leave your warm words. You are the best!!   I was going through my archives and this post … [Read more...]

Psalm 65:8 :: The whole earth is filled with awe at your wonders :: AnExtraordinaryDay.net

Every where you look this time of year... midst the dying...there is beauty.   There's something magical about autumn light. There is more contrast.  And intensity.   And then there is all that brilliant color that greets us... It's as if a bird had flown through the trees with a flaming torch, igniting fire upon fire. Ever notice how individual leaves become red or golden embers illuminated by the sun? And then there is the farmers' harvest...brimming with color.  Apples, pumpkins, squash, peppers, tomatoes. Our world is awash with color and texture and light. Even … [Read more...]

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It's apple picking time! When we lived in New York State, we had a favorite apple barn and orchard to visit.  Picking apples there was just part of our fun.  I was so smitten with the extraordinary floral arrangements and the perfect apple pie served in the apple barn, just that was worth the long drive.  If you'd like a glimpse, you can come along for a visit here. Speaking of apples... Oh my goodness....I was drooling at all the wonderful recipes linked up this week!   Here are 8 Apple Delights that you'll enjoy eating for sure....    Please... Pin and share this image on Facebook … [Read more...]

Stenciling Tutorial Using FolkArt & Stencil1 Products by #PlaidCrafts

 I'm pleased to partner with Plaid Crafts and Blueprint Social to introduce you to FolkArt® Stencils & Paints.   Add the feeling of fall to your home in unexpected ways.   Often when we think of fall decor we think of pumpkins, gourds, and colorful leaves. May I challenge you to think outside the box? I sure did when I created these fun, stenciled, animal print plates. Don't you agree....they're fabulous and unexpected? Certainly for my home decor. Today I'm going to show you how to use stencils, so you too, can create fabulous unexpected fall … [Read more...]

Hand Painted Decorative Wall Treatment  Birds and Trees  AnExtraordinaryDay.net

You've just moved into a 70's house with flocked wallpaper in your main hallway.  What do you do? I know this didn't require a moment of thought... "Strip it off, as fast as possible!" Now, I know that not everyone subscribes to that thought.  I know someone who didn't want to deal with stripping flocked paper off the lath walls of her old farmhouse, so she painted it.  The pattern was subtle and it worked for her dining room.  But...I digress.     My good friend tackled the flocked wallpaper challenge and won!  After countless hours of stripping away that ugly old wallpaper, she had … [Read more...]

Project Inspired Link Party

   Mary Beth from Cupcakes and Crinoline    ~   Malia from Yesterday on Tuesday Stephanie Chan from The Silly Pearl    ~    Diane from An Extraordinary Day   Welcome to Project Inspire{d}!   I am so glad you're here! I don't know about you....but I'm really starting to get that fall-ish feeling.  Have you noticed the aroma of fall in the air.  I love it! Weather-wise we're supposed to hit the high 70's later this week.  More warm weather!  Even though it's feeling fall-ish, I'll take it! On Saturday afternoon we went for a row-boat ride around the little lake.  We noticed a few trees … [Read more...]

Rose of Sharon :: Why Do We Praise God? :: AnExtraordinaryDay.net

Have you ever wondered... If God is perfect and complete in every way....why do we praise God? Why does he need, even require, us to do that? I struggled with that concept for a long time. Because I love God and want to obey him, I praised him, but it always seemed strange to me. I didn't get it. What I did 'get' was that when I did, my outlook changed and I had a better view of life, living, and those around me. Knowing that praising produced positive things in me helped me to continue the practice. And then... I had an Ah Ha! moment. Recently in my reading I came across the wise words of two … [Read more...]

Seven Lovely Fall Wreaths featured on Project Inspire{d} at AnExtraordinaryDay.net

Are you feeling fall-ish yet? Have you started putting a fall frock on your home? Why not start, by dressing up your front door for fall? It's the perfect place for adding seasonal decor and making your home feel warm and welcoming for family and visitors. Get inspired by these 7 Lovely Fall Wreaths from this week's Project Inspire{d} Link Party!    Please... Pin and share this image on Facebook or Instagram. Candy Corn Pom Pom Wreaths by Little Miss Celebration Fall Burlap Wreath by Anything and Everything Green Beaded Wreath by Delineate Your Dwelling Mesh Burlap Fall Wreath by Our … [Read more...]

It's the Little Things  Fall Tablescape  AnExtraordinaryDay.net

It's the little things that take life from ordinary to extraordinary. Don't miss my simple, low cost tips, ideas, and inspiration for extraordinary living. Do you recognize that statement? It's found in the green box on the side bar over on the right. It's my teaser to get you to sign up to receive An Extraordinary Day by email.     The little things. Have you ever noticed a young girl playing with miniatures for hours, happy as a clam? Kids love their little treasures. They collect tiny things by the pocketful. But, as we get older, we set our sights on larger … [Read more...]

Baked French Toast with Blueberries

What's better than getting together with a long-time friend and catching up? Have you noticed that you can be so in the moment that time totally stands still?   That's the way brunch was with my good friend when I visited her. We've been neighbors...bicycling partners...walking partners...decorating partners...and she even reminded me of our brief stint as catering partners.  We even dreamed of  being partners in a B&B. On this particular morning, after spending so many years and miles and miles apart, time seemed to stand still while we enjoyed this delicious brunch she prepared.  Oh … [Read more...]

Project Inspired Link Party

I'm back with the Project Inspire{d} team! A big thanks to my fellow hostesses... Mary Beth, Malia, and Stephanie for letting me take a brief, yet much-needed, hiatus.  You gals are THE best!!! I am so excited for this week's party!  My fellow blogging friends...I cannot wait to see what you have up your sleeve.  As always, I know you will have tons of Great Ideas! And to my extraordinary readers and non-blogging friends I am always thrilled to have you join in the fun here.   Please click on any picture in the link-up at the end of the post and it will take you straight to the blog of the talented … [Read more...]

Bee & Thistle :: Joy Day! :: AnExtraordinaryDay.net

During my reading time this week, I came across a quote from a renowned preacher of the late 19th century, Charles Spurgeon. I struggled with sharing it with you for the Joy Day! post. The quote doesn't feel very joyful.  It's even a bit stern.  But, I couldn't shake myself from it.     With that in mind...let's imagine that we are sitting at a lovely table drinking our favorite fancy coffee or tea and enjoying a tasty treat. After the usual pleasantries, indulging in the delicacies from the table, and conversational catching up, I look you in the eye and say, "I think it's time we … [Read more...]

Lovely Home Tour :: Jewel Tone Dining Room :: AnExtraordinaryDay.net

Raise your hand if you love the colors of fall.     As much as I appreciate and enjoy a neutral palette with just a punch of color, the jewel tones of fall make my heart sing. When used beautifully in a room, those jewel tones of fall create a warmth and coziness that make me feel safe. Color is like that.     If I were to tell you my favorite colors I'd tell you I love red, blue, green, and yellow. Not usually all at the same time. Except in the fall. Then, I want them all!     For the most part of the last nineteen years I have … [Read more...]

Mini Flower Arrangements :: Wedgwood Tablescape :: Encouragement in the Muck of Life :: AnExtraordinaryDay.net

How are you today? Really....how are YOU?   Most of us trudge, or breeze, through the day. The trudging or breezing has to do with the load we carry. If we have a ton of worries and responsibilities weighing us down....trudging might be a generous term. On the other hand, when we're working within our giftedness, living with hearts filled with joy and gratitude, and spending our hours with others who build up rather than discourage....we breeze through our day and the minutes seems to fly away as easily, too.     If you are one who flits through the day with hope … [Read more...]