Do you have any rituals in your daily routine? Pausing with my cup of cocoa and two Milano cookies.

Do you have any rituals in your daily routine? For some of us, a daily ritual might include fluffing all the pillows in the family room and pushing the start button on the dishwasher before going to bed, or picking up a personal electronic device and checking email first thing upon waking.  Those rituals are important to keeping our daily lives moving in a rhythmic fashion.  We need them to help us function effectively in our super busy, fast-paced lives. As much as we need those functional rituals, we also need personal rituals too.     Most of us don't take time for ourselves.  As women, we … [Read more...]

Simple and easy St. Patrick's Day decor - Decorating the mantle with book pages

I'm now on Instagram! I'd love for you to follow me there!  I just got things up and running yesterday... so be watching for lots of fun photos to come!! Do you decorate for St. Patrick's Day? The other day, a reader commented how she loved all the St. Patrick's Day ideas shared at last week's link party, but she doesn't decorate for St. Patrick's Day. If you don't... it's perfectly okay.     But, if you enjoy splashing a little seasonal color in your house, the mantel or buffet or entry table might just be the perfect place.   There's no need to go green everywhere unless … [Read more...]

Feeling anxious? Afraid? Filled with dread?

Are you bold?  Would you call yourself a risk-taker? Or... does that cause you to feel anxious? In the past I was a bit of a risk-taker. Except in areas where I might injure my body. It's amazing what one broken arm and sleeping with ten pounds of sand hanging from a cast, while trying to sleep sitting up in a chair for six weeks, did to cure me from that. And then, there was that bad business decision which has made me much more cautious.     I think we can agree that we need to use discretion, common sense, and wisdom in our daily activities.  Fear, however, should not control … [Read more...]

17 St. Pat's Ideas from Project Inspire{d}

  17 Magical St. Patrick's Ideas   There was plenty o' St. Paddy's Day inspiration at last week's Project Inspire{d}. Here is just a wee sampling of the magical St. Patrick's ideas you shared with us!   Shamrock Cookies from Christianity Cove Rainbow Jello Snack from Christianity Cove St.Patrick's Day Thread Spools from Kaleidoscope of Colors Dollar Store Decor to St. Patrick's Day Pillow from Virginia Sweet Pea Cupcake Liner St. Patrick's Day Trees from Little Miss Celebration Mason Jar Tea Lights from Upstate Ramblings Shamrock Shake from 3 Kids and a Fish Lucky Charms Popcorn … [Read more...]

Do you have a big dream - Churchill Quote

Have you ever embarked on a new project and then found yourself overwhelmed? Maybe you've been working at something for a while, but things just haven't clicked.  Or... Maybe if you read another book on the subject and get some expert advice, you'll figure things out.   Most of us have hopes and dreams. Have you noticed... some people not only reach their dreams, but those dreams are spectacular when they come to fruition?  While on the other hand, some seem to move from one hope or dream to another, with nothing to show. I have a few dreams which have yet to come to fruition. Last … [Read more...]

Tired of costly contracts or spotty networks Get the phone and date service that works for you! -

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #ChangingPrepaid #CollectiveBias   I used to think that having a smart phone for personal use and blogging was an extravagance. But, look at me now...     I'm enjoying my new Simply Prepaid™ plan from T-Mobile and Samsung Galaxy Avant phone. It wasn't all that long ago I had this conversation with my husband... Are you crazy?! $129 a month for one cell phone? Do you realize what we could do with that money? I confess, my wonderful sweet husband got quite an earful. … [Read more...]

Project Inspired Link Party Logo 500x500

I need to tell you that I am a wee bit embarrassed.  Me... the gal who strives toward perfection. Okay.... I've never hit the mark.  Regardless... I hate when I make mistakes.  And this one is a big one!! If you are one of those really sweet and kind friends who added the Project Inspire{d} Link Party button to your blog or sidebar... would you please update it for me? I just discovered that, way back when, I somehow added a coma to the link and... it kills it from working. Yup!  Deader than a door nail.  And that is no help to anyone.  I am sooo sooo … [Read more...]

My sheep listen to my voice and l know them -

  I'm a sheep caller. You laugh. Truly, I am. You see, one day as Tim and I went for a long walk in the country, we noticed a good number of sheep scattered all over the hillside.     They were happily grazing near the farmhouse and the adjacent field.     As we got closer I started talking to them.  I'm friendly like that. I'll talk to horses and cows and maybe your dog.  Though I am afraid of dogs I don't know.     When I talk to animals I don't really expect that they're going to respond to me.  After all I'm a city girl. … [Read more...]

33 Amazingly Fabulous Dessert Features from Project Inspire{d}

Last year I made a layer cake and decorated it under the guidance of an experienced cake decorator. This post contains affiliate links. Most or us don't have an experienced cake decorator at our disposal.  But, one thing we do have... is Craftsy. As an introduction to their new eGuides, and for a limited time, you can download a FREE Craftsy eGuide on a variety of topics.  I'm pretty sure, you'll want to download this Cake eGuide: "Not-So-Basic Buttercream Decorating Ideas." Most of us like to dabble in a variety of areas, so feel free to check out these FREE eGuides as well: Photography eGuide: … [Read more...]

Winter birds on a snowy day - Observing Lent -

  Yesterday day was Ash Wednesday. Did you observe the day in any significant way? For the last few years I've attended churches where they smudge a cross on your forehead with ashes.  This year... I live in another place and Ash Wednesday was just another day... as it has been for most of my life. I missed it.  Not so much having ash applied to my face... but the order of going to church... and making a plan for what I will do to observe Lent. There's much good in my world.  But somehow, this year, I feel scattered and unfocused.  I need to feel more grounded. Yesterday I thought I'd sign … [Read more...]

Irish Friendship Quote for St. Patrick's Day - Best friend - Four Leaf Clover -

Do you have a best friend? Since selling our "forever" home, we've made five moves to addresses in four states.  At each new town, I've been blessed to make wonderful friends.  Each friendship is a special treasure... but there's something special about long-time relationships, regardless of the miles. Because I treasure my friendships, when I came across this wonderful Irish friendship quote, I immediately wanted to create an art print for you. It's early for St. Patrick's Day, but I decided you should have it in plenty of time to print and frame, so you could enjoy it for more than a few … [Read more...]

Chalkboard Printable "Mostly what God does is love you." from Ephesians 5

  There's a saying... "Talk is cheap."  I'm pretty sure I used to hear my dad say that. Lately I've been thinking about love and I think we could say, "Love is cheap." There's the controversial movie... the broken relationships... the 400,000 children needing a home in the U.S. alone... the issue of human trafficking... and on I could go. If you were new to our world, you would think that love was cheap and love had no apparent value.     Times were probably like that back when the Apostle Paul penned these words to the people in Philippi. And this is my prayer: that your … [Read more...]

Creative Home Decor Ideas from Project Inspire{d}

Do ordinary things with extraordinary love. Mother Teresa    Happy Valentine's Day!   Images ~ Red Mug :: Red Door :: Patterned Heart    "Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier." Mother Teresa   14 Creative Home Decor Ideas   DIY Cutting Board Wall Art :: Anderson + Grant Ballard Designs~Inspired Monogram Art :: Snazzy Little Things DIY Industrial Pipe Shelves :: Table and Hearth Custom Blue Chest of Drawers Makeover :: Art is Beauty DIY Ikea Hack "Hicks" Pendant Light :: The Gathered Home Mid Century Modern … [Read more...]

Single Dainty Envelope Fruit Tart -

Wouldn't you love to make a sweet treat for family or friends that looks like you slaved for hours in the kitchen?  I've got just the dessert.  I'll keep how easy it is to make a secret if you will, too!  While browsing Pinterest for pink flower arrangements, the cutest little pastry caught my eye.  Of course I pinned it.  And then I forgot.  I'm so glad I remembered the dainty envelope fruit tarts, just in time for Valentine's Day.     These dainty envelope fruit tarts are super simple and easy to create.   And best of all... they'll be the talk of the town!  Okay... the … [Read more...]

Spread a little joy! -

Is it me, or do you get a little excited around Valentine's Day? Maybe it's silly, but I love the idea of using the holiday to spread a little joy to those around me.   For many, Valentine's Day is NOT a fun day. Though we see aisles of candies in the stores, and heart-shaped balloons floating at the ends of check lanes, many will not get a treat or any kind of "love" unless they purchase something for themselves.  It's their reality... every day.  Yet, they are reminded that "everyone," it seems, is enjoying something special for Valentine's Day. Except them. These individuals might be … [Read more...]

Sweet Heart Hand Pies for Valentine's Day Treats

Everywhere you look there's lots of red and white and pink! If you're like me and enjoy a little Valentine's Day fun, then you'll love my Valentine Hand Pies. Truly I had the most fun ever making them... and eating them!   I just know you'll want to make some too.  Find all the details here.    Just in case you missed all the extraordinary goodness from this past week... What are you afraid of? | JoyDay! The Best Ever Chocolate Hot Fudge Sauce & Easy Too! Can I Tell You a Secret? Plus...Project Inspire{d} Link Party Features: 9 Fabulous Valentine's Day Classroom … [Read more...]

Let go of your concerns -

I'm sure you've heard the phrase, "Let it go!" many times. Something bugs us and just like a tick, it gets under our skin. And like the tick... it will fester and bring disease to our bodies.     Some of us have control issues.  [ahem!] We have trouble letting go, don't we?   This scripture jumped off the page when I read it... Let go of your concerns!     Then you will know that I am God.         I rule the nations.         I rule the earth.   ~Psalm 46:10   Did you see it too? Then. Then you will know that I am God.   And just for good … [Read more...]