Pretty Hanging Mason Jar Posies for Mother's Day - Tutorial at

Disclosure: I received Ball Jars in exchange for creating this post.   Did you know that I absolutely LOVE mason jars? Back before they were popular, my aunt, when downsizing gave me a few boxes filled with vintage Ball® jars.  I thought it was the best gift ever, and used them to decorate my sweet saltbox.  Several moves later, the jars were popping up all over the place and I found them among my boxes and started using them here and here. As much as I love those vintage Ball jars, my heart would pitter-patter whenever I spied an amethyst or purple mason jar.  However, I never saw one in real … [Read more...]

Is it possible to have true joy and contentment -

  Lately I've been thinking about joy. This morning I even prayed to have more joy. As I was doing so I realized that I am blessed with a beautiful life. Even if my current situation isn't what I hoped or planned or even desired.     For some time, things have not gone my way... but isn't that true for all of us? And so today... I'm going to concentrate on walking with God. Allowing him to direct my path. Being quiet and listening to him. Because when I do... There I experience joy.  True joy. And contentment.   You direct me on a path that … [Read more...]

DIY Home Decor Inspiration from Project Inspire{d} -

Beautiful DIY Home Decor Ideas - 12 Ways Please "pin" this image and stop by those featured and "pin" their great ideas, too! Curtain Design by BesaGM Interiors Ash Dresser Makeover by Lost and Found Decor Bathroom Makeover by Clean and Scentsible Air Dry Clay Projects by Delineate Your Dwelling Embossing Plaster Dresser by Orphans with Makeup A Powder Room Redo by Cookies, Crafts, and Chaos Target Inspired Window Cabinet by My Creative Days Big Boy Room Custom Wall Gallery by Five Marigolds DIY Coffee Table by C.R.A.F.T. Faux Orb Chandelier by Illistyle Fresh Berries DIY Sign by Lilikoi … [Read more...]

Simple Tip for a Sparkling Bath -

  You might roll your eyes at this super easy tip.  It's like, Duh! Ah... but don't be so quick. I didn't learn this tip until I'd been keeping house for close to ten years. One day I was in the office and a volunteer popped in.  She said she was off to clean someone's house.  It wasn't something she usually did, but the pay was amazing and the job was easy.  She went on to say that the lady of the house evidently wiped down her bathroom sinks every day, so they were quick to clean. I'm sure you wipe down your bathroom sinks every day.  Right? Well, that wasn't the case at my house. My … [Read more...]

Book Page Flower Tutorial :: Create your own Spring flowering Branches ::

One of my sweet online friends who lives in Arkansas just went through a horrible hail storm.  It decimated all the fresh green leaves and plants in her area.  My heart goes out to her and others who will have trees without lush green canopies overhead this summer.  It's truly a gardener's nightmare. You know the saying... when life hands you lemons, make lemonade.  If you're like Betty and all the blooms have been stripped from your trees and shrubbery... make paper blooms.  I know it won't be quite the same... but when I did this a few years ago... they turned out wonderfully. Grab a few sticks from the … [Read more...]

Your calling should you choose to use it - South Haven Pier -

Today I sat down to write. I knew I needed to talk about perseverance. There were lots of thoughts running around my mind... but I was unsure where to start. So I did what every good writer does when in that spot.... I went out on an errand.     When I returned home, I again got my laptop out to prepare this post. Before typing a word, I checked my email and saw an email which needed my immediate response. While there, I scanned the other items in my inbox and my eye was drawn to a weekend post which contained a touching video. I am aware this video made the rounds last year, so it … [Read more...]

Fabulous Garden Ideas

Spring sprung today! There have been lots of hint of spring.  Glory of the snow, daffodils, and hyacinths have begun to bloom. Just a wee bit of color, until today. Today the thermometer sky-rocketed and forsythia and magnolias of all types have burst into flower.  Even the maple trees have the large red flowers.  It makes my heart sing. And it makes me want to get outside and start playing in the garden. If you haven't already been planning your garden or playing in the dirt, or even if you have, it's time to inspire your green thumb to bloom!   12 Fabulous Garden … [Read more...]

Get access now to 4 Simple Steps to Stress Free Homemaking

Do you struggle with keeping up with the laundry or any number of household chores? Over the years my housekeeping has been a bit of a roller coaster.  I love the highs when everything is running smoothly.  But, when I was overwhelmed with a job, a business, volunteering, fitness, and spending time in my garden.... my house was sometimes a complete disaster. I'm excited to share this Mini Video eCourse: 4 Simple Steps to Stress-Free Homemaking with you.  I love the practical tips and wish I'd learned them years ago.  On my own, I've made things work.  But, this is a plan that would have changed my world and … [Read more...]

Spring peepers in the swamp and my heart sings in joy

This week has been a week of quiet, solitude, and reflection. Somewhere along the way, I lost my mojo. It's not that I hadn't spent significant time with God. I had. But, my soul was hungry for moments like this...     Joy Moments. If you've been visiting with me over time, you know how much I enjoy my nature walks. Those times make my heart sing.  And sing. And yesterday, as I walked along a country road and came across the music of peepers... my heart sang with great joy. Some time ago, our pastor shared how singing is God's heart language. If you're a frog … [Read more...]

Bright and Beautiful DIY Ideas

I love color! My ideal home would have a plain canvas (shades of white sofas, chairs, and walls) so I could paint color wherever, whenever my little heart desired.  I'd change with the seasons, for sure. And you can be sure that this time of year, I'd be using lots of color. Are you drawn to color too? This week's Project Inspire{d} great ideas are bright and beautiful!   12 Colorful DIY Ideas to Make Your World Bright & Beautiful   Please "pin" this image and stop by those featured and "pin" their great ideas, too! Fabric Covered Balls by Sweet Parrish Place Homemade Snow Cone … [Read more...]

Looking for happiness - the answering in a C.S. Lewis Quote

"I just want my child to be happy." Have you said that? I think it might be the number one wish for many parents. We're all looking for happiness.     We'll feel better or be happier... if we drop a few pounds. if I could get more traffic to the blog. if we would get the yard re-seeded this spring. if my kids would do better in _______. if I could get that merit raise. if my spouse would ________. These are some of the kinds of things that we think we need or at least want.  Surely they will bring us happiness.   I see you rolling your … [Read more...]

Project Inspired Link Party Logo 500x500

Just in case you missed all the extraordinary goodness from this past week... What to do so your day doesn't unexpectedly unravel - Free Printable.     For Us... He Humbled Himself   Why Jesus Rising From the Dead is a Deal Breaker | JoyDay! Plus...Project Inspire{d} Link Party Features: 9 Delightful Spring Home Decor Ideas   Stop back during the week for more extraordinary goodness. Be sure to head over to see what my co-hostesses have been doing... Mary Beth from Cupcakes and Crinoline Malia from Yesterday on Tuesday Stephanie Chan from The Silly Pearl  I'm so … [Read more...]

Why Jesus rising from the dead is the deal breaker - White flowers of the Hosta

  Put yourself in this story... The man whom you believed was going to liberate you from the tyranny of the Romans had just been cruelly tortured and hung on a tree to die. A few of your friends also truly believed that this man, Jesus, would rescue you. But instead, they are helping you take his dead body down from the cross to bury him in a borrowed tomb. All hope is lost. Not only was Jesus, your leader and friend, dead but surely this would turn to the worse considering all that transpired the last few days. You're consumed with hurt, grief, disappointment. To say you are devastated would … [Read more...]

Spring Is In The Air Decorating Ideas from Project Inspire{d} -

I love this time of year! I know I've said it before... Spring is my favorite time of year! The colors brighten my spirits and make my heart sing for joy!! This week's Project Inspire{d} links were both colorful and inspiring. Take a peek at these extraordinary ideas to feather your nest!  And be sure to leave a comment to let me know your favorite spring home decor ideas!!   9 Delightful Spring Home Decor Ideas   Please "pin" this image and stop by those featured and "pin" their great ideas, too! A Spring Inspired Table with Ranunculus from Simply Suzanne's Refurbished … [Read more...]

Philippians 2:8 - Good Friday Scripture Art from

  The One who spoke this world we know into existence.... He humbled Himself,     obedient to death—     a merciless death on the cross! Philippians 2:8 The Voice ...for you...and me. This perfect One... took that which was ours....every ugly sin and wrong thing we have ever done. So we wouldn't have to experience the punishment we deserve.   It's Friday....   Jesus' followers did not know, as they watched him die this cruel death on the cross at the hands of the Roman soldiers, that this was not the end. Sure...he told them they would see him … [Read more...]

Hem your blessings with thankfulness - Printable Quote

How's your day? I'm hoping that today's been a good day, or at the worst, something we can call normal. Do you mind stopping a second to look back over the past several hours? We've had numerous blessings... A bed to sleep on, a bite to eat, dishes to wash, places to go, people to see... And so much more!  Consider each a blessing. Give thanks for each one.   We often take these common, everyday blessings for granted. Tomorrow, things might change and we may or may not have one or more of these blessings. When that happens... our worlds just might come undone. Or will … [Read more...]

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Did you miss the DIY Ultimate Bundle when I shared it with you back in January? If you were kicking yourself for not purchasing it... here's your chance!!   This bundle includes nearly $1200 worth of DIY-themed ebooks, ecourses, and bonuses for just $34.95. Hurry!  This 48 hour flash sale goes away forever in just a few hours.  Go here for all the details.   Just in case you missed all the extraordinary goodness from this past week... How to Glorify God with Butterfly Wings |JoyDay!   Be Inspired by this 10 Minute Easter Vignette Plus...Project Inspire{d} Link Party … [Read more...]