Hello, friends!  Thanks for coming by! If you missed stopping by this past week I shared some extraordinary goodness on the blog... Those two little words… “Thank you!” | It’s JoyDay! It’s About Time to Switch Up Your Dinner Menu for Fall Stop back during the week for more extraordinary goodness. And now... on with the party! Mary Beth from Cupcakes and Crinoline ~ Malia from Yesterday on Tuesday Stephanie from The Silly Pearl ~ Diane from An Extraordinary Day   Party Guidelines Link to a specific post, not your homepage. Link back with a text link. … [Read more...]

  We live along the Lake Michigan shoreline.  In less than 5 minutes we can wriggle our toes in the sand... watch the stillness or the crash of the waves... and stand or kneel in awe of the colors of the setting sun.     After being away for so many years, each night that we could, we'd go to the beach to watch the sunset and stand in absolute awe.  Humbled that our Creator would night after night "paint" the. most. gorgeous. colors across the sky and place thin and thick clouds to catch the colorful hues of the setting sun. Our hearts were grateful. Some nights we would start … [Read more...]

  What's your favorite fall comfort food?   Mine just might be baked potatoes swimming in butter.  This week at Project Inspire{d} many of you shared some pretty amazing ideas to help you transition your family's dinner menu for fall.  AND they are a lot more inventive than baked potatoes! With back-to-school here and the hopeful decline in heat and humidity we all want quick and delicious ideas for putting appetizing meals on the table for our families at dinner time... So... kick back and take some time to check out this week's features.  I just know you'll be inspired to put your apron on and get … [Read more...]

Have you ever had a panic attack? I'm sure everyone has at some time or other. Except for that time when I was eleven and sightseeing at the Treasury Department in Washington D.C. with my mom, I've never had one. That is until the last several years.  I've been dealing with mild panic attacks on and off.  They seem totally random.  However, it seems that there is a trigger at a particular traffic light which takes an unusually long while to get through. Today... it hit me again.  It's crazy.  I had a great day with no stress.  Late afternoon I popped up to the workshop to do a little stuffing and … [Read more...]

  Let me tell you about the day I settled for second best... It wasn't pretty.     It was one of those days. You know... the kind where you take one cookie... and before you know it... you've had six. I've never thought of myself as an emotional eater. But SIX cookies?!!     Cookies don't make me feel better... in fact... they give me a pain in my stomach.  My stomach was NOT designed for SIX cookies. (Six peanut M&M's, maybe.) So why did I eat them? Because at the moment... their sweet and chocolaty goodness gave me a brief … [Read more...]

  Charm.   That's what I think of when I think of farmhouse style decor.  This week we had some really creative and charming makeovers at Project Inspire{d}! You're going to adore these creative DIY ideas... So... kick back and take some time to check out this week's features.  I just know you'll be inspired to get your DIY on!   Be sure to pin your favorites, too.   8 Fabulous Farmhouse Style Makeovers   DIY Headboard and Footboard :: The Kim Six Fix A Vintage Desk Makeover :: Making it in the Mountains Curbside to Farmhouse Glam Chair :: On Fern Avenue DIY Wood Headboard … [Read more...]

  When I wasn't looking, the lampshade industry made a big change. You might not have noticed. I think it happened overnight.     You see, in the past, I would pick up decorator lampshades at some of my favorite decorating stores to replace the Plain Jane lampshades that came with my lamps.  It was so easy.  Pull the lampshade off the bulb and clip on a new shade.  No DIY skills needed.  I loved that I could get pillows and curtains and chair pads to match, too.  Yay for Waverly. And then things got tight financially and I made do... decorating with what I had in my last … [Read more...]

  Are you feeling it?  Have you noticed it? The light is beginning to change and Summer is making a quick descent on the downhill side of this year's roller coaster.  It's "the rush" we start to feel as the seasons begin their change.  It's so bittersweet.  I wish the early days of summer could go on forever.  But... they don't.  Part of me wants to hang on with all I have.... yet my husband reminds me that we LOVE fall. I think it's just that dreaded winter that I don't want to face.  And once we get to this point... it just isn't all that far off.  Okay... now that I'm all down in the dumps... I think I … [Read more...]

  The sky was the bluest blue when we placed our tattered windowpane check bed sheet just inches from the reach of the waves and sparkling waters at our nearby beach. After a sandal was placed on each corner of the sheet, I dropped the large beach bag and then my body onto the sheet.  I sat there, digging my toes into the dampness of the sand.     This little beach excursion had been planned.  Though there have been plenty of decent beach days to take advantage of this summer... the forecast was for a picture perfect day and we didn't want to miss it. At least not until I … [Read more...]

  Creativity.   It's something I admire and celebrate... AND this week at Project Inspire{d} we were overflowing with creativity! I just know you're going to adore these beautiful and creative vintage furniture transformations. So... fill your glass with ice and your favorite beverage and kick back while you check out this week's features.  I just know you'll be inspired to get your DIY on!   Be sure to pin your favorites, too.     Be Inspired to DIY 12 Beautiful Vintage Furniture Transformations Vintage Folding Chair Makeover by Dragonfly Treasure Boho Decorative Screen … [Read more...]

  Hello, friends!  Thanks for coming by! August first!  Can you believe it?  This summer has flown by.  Here in Michigan... we're in the throes of summer with festivals and fairs and sun-soaking beach days.  And then there are my friends who live in the south who are going back to school this week.  Yikes!! The days go by way too quickly.  And frankly... even as hot as it's been... I'm not ready quite yet to embrace fall.  Or for that matter even think about fall.  How about YOU? What will you be doing to savor these last few weeks of summer? If you missed stopping by this past week I shared some … [Read more...]

    Like it or not... growth comes through hard times. When you've been knocked down it takes courage to get up and start over again. And then there is that thing called fear.  It's paralyzing... it kills your hope and dreams.   Whether you've been knocked down, overcome with fear, or are in the midst of a hard journey... you need encouragement. You need to know the secret for getting back up... having the courage to stand strong... and the confidence to believe for tomorrow.   So what's the secret?     My husband and I have been going … [Read more...]

  Cue old black and white movie where the woman of the house greets her man dressed in heels, pearls, and a bouffant hairdo.  Notice how she deftly shoves a magazine at him and says with a slightly affected tone... "Dahling... I simply adore these lovely DIY decorating ideas. You absolutely must tell your friends you can't play golf, because you'll be spending all your time with me this weekend." I saw you just roll your eyes... but be honest... sometimes we want our DIY projects to be joint ventures.  However... these projects won't require an extra set of hands and eyes AND I'm pretty sure you'll … [Read more...]

  Hello, friends!  Thanks for coming by! This past weekend we had the hottest and steamiest days so far this summer.   At this point everyone's looking for ways to stay cool.  What's your favorite way to cool off and get a reprieve from the summer heat? If you're like me, spending time by the lake is great, swimming in the pool, drinking lots of water is wonderful.  But... finding a cool and refreshing treat is the best!  Check out these summer fresh frozen dessert recipes shared with us at last week's edition of Project Inspire{d}!   And be prepared to fill up your Pinterest board with all these clever … [Read more...]

    Do you talk to yourself? I remember working with a gal who talked to herself.  More often than not, I would stop what I was doing because I thought she was talking to me.  And then she would say, "I'm just talking to myself."  Usually, she was walking herself through the steps of her tasks.  It seems kind of quirky doesn't it? However... developing a lifestyle of talking to oneself isn't necessarily a bad thing. In fact... talking to yourself can be a good thing. If you read Psalms, you'll notice that some of the psalmists (writers) did the very same thing. Why am I so … [Read more...]

  Thank you  to Parrot Uncle for sponsoring this post. All the creative thoughts and ideas are mine.   Do you need some small space decorating tips?   In order to make my new small space feel spacious and inviting, I implemented a few easy small space decorating tips I've learned through my many moves.  Just having moved from a furnished beach apartment to a small unfurnished two bedroom apartment not five minutes from the beach, my goal was to furnish and decorate this small space AND make it feel like home on a next to nothing budget.  A tall order for sure. Maybe you have been … [Read more...]

  Hello, friends!  Thanks for coming by! We had a very busy but good weekend and hope you did too. The weather has been humid and hot. It sure makes me grateful for air conditioning... though I only turn it on for a few minutes each day.  Have you noticed? The sun is setting noticeably later each night. It makes me sad to think summer is starting her hurry towards fall. In order to savor every moment... I'm planning on stealing a bit of time each day to sit by the lake or walk the water's edge.  It restores my soul like nothing else.  What do you do to enjoy the last remaining days of summer? I've … [Read more...]