Make Blueberry Buckle Coffee Cake #BlueberryRecipe

  At our house, we LOVE blueberries. We could eat blueberries every day of the week...for supper and lunch and breakfast.  And often we do. My hands-down favorite blueberry Blueberry Buckle Coffee Cake.  I could eat it every day for breakfast.  Probably not a good idea, though. [wink]     A few years ago, we spent the day at Niagara Falls and enjoyed lunch on the veranda of a restaurant overlooking the park and falls on the Canadian side.  That day, salmon was the special and so I ordered it.  When it was set before me, I was surprised to see it accompanied by … [Read more...]

How to pray when doubts fill my mind :: Scripture Quote :: Psalm 94 Devotional ::

Have you ever been sitting absolutely still but found your body trembling? Were you trembling from excitement?  Anticipation? Anxiety?  Or maybe fear?   Lately that is a state in which I often find myself. Some days it's much better than others.   This week has been a mixture of joy and sadness. Over three days I was blessed to have out-of-town guests.  My friend and her daughter came for a brief overnight visit, and another friend and her husband came to spend the day with us.  I can't tell you what bright spots those days were in my summer. It was so good to see far-away … [Read more...]

Blogging Tools :: How to Fix Comment Spam ::

Spam.  Nobody likes it.  With the latest changes in email filters, we all are experiencing much less spam.  Or are we?  If you're a blogger, you are undoubtedly feeling overwhelmed by the amount of spam hitting your comment box. Wouldn't you like to know how to fix comment spam? It's really very simple.  Turn off comments. What? Turn off comments? Am I crazy? Don't click away....stay with me to see where I take this. When I set up my blog originally, I installed a WordPress plugin called Akismet.  It is supposed to be the premier plugin to prevent comment and trackback spam.   Yet, when I … [Read more...]

God you are my God #ScriptureQuote at

When was the last time you said to God, "I can't get enough of you!" For most of us the thought never crosses our minds. We may wake up and thank God that we're alive, but do we bless him every time we take a breath? Probably not.   Those of you who follow An Extraordinary Day on Facebook are familiar with my nightly sweet dreams post where I share a gorgeous bedroom photo and some inspirational words.  I'm amazed at how many people will mention they look forward to it each night. I have to confess, putting up the lovely sleeping room photos is easy.  Daily having something of substance … [Read more...]

#Extraordinary Live an Extraordinary Life - a Free Printable from

Live An Extraordinary Life   Are you really living? Download your 8x10 Free Printable here.   If you're reading this I'm sure you're living. [wink] However, I'm not talking about whether you're breathing, though I must say, I am grateful for every breath I take.   Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that all we have is this present moment. Yes, we have hope for the next moment, day, week, month, year.  But, in actuality, all we have is this present moment.   Are you in the moment? Or, are you living in the past?  ....recalling missed moments, relational regrets, and a host … [Read more...]

Project Inspired Link Party Logo 500x500

There is an old adage that says no one except a wet baby likes change.  None-the-less, change is in the air here at An Extraordinary Day. I have had the privilege of co-hosting the Project Inspire{d} Link Party for the past 8 months.  It's been wonderful meeting and getting to you.  I'm amazed each week at all the talent you bring to the party.  And frankly, each week I have found it so difficult to choose just a few projects to feature as you all have truly extraordinary ideas! This is my last week as co-hostess of Project Inspire{d}. I'm going to miss partying with you. But, I do hope you will continue … [Read more...]

The light shines in the darkness - John 1:5 ::

Have you noticed how dark it is these days?   The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness doesn't extinguish the light. John 1:5 (CEB)   The news on TV, online, and even our Facebook feed is filled with bad, scary, and horrific details. We need to remind ourselves, and each other, that as dark as it gets....the darkness will not put out the light.   Have you ever noticed that when the light comes on in a dark place, the light is even more bright? That's the contrast we are seeing in our world right now. People living in darkness need to see. They need you and I to shine, … [Read more...]

Butterfly Weed - Easy Wildflower Bouquet by

Have you ever wanted to bring someone a bouquet of flowers, or have a beautiful vase of fresh flowers in your home, but didn't have the extra money to pick up something from the grocery or florist?   Unless you live in a concrete jungle, I have a great tip for you.... Look along the roadways as you travel and start to notice all the wildflowers growing along the byways.  That is where I found the flowers to create this arrangement for my friend who just had knee surgery.   Over the years, I've noticed that when I gather these bouquets, the flowers just naturally complement each other. … [Read more...]

Creative Craft Room ~ Sneak Peek ~

Are you one of those blessed few to have you own creative space?     Here's me, hair pulled back, no makeup, with my one and only selfie from my favorite camera, giving you just a peek into my favorite space through a vintage looking-glass.   That's the way we bloggers roll. The before photos don't do the color justice. [wink] Here it looks like light greige, but in reality, it was much darker beige that turned to an odd reddish pink when the sun reflected off the dark brick-red siding into the room.  I couldn't wait to repaint.     With new paint, the room came … [Read more...]

Bible verse from Hebrews 6:19 #Anchorformysoul

Hope. I can actually say I have hope.     The only reason I can say that is because... This hope is a strong and trustworthy anchor for our souls.  Hebrews 6:19 (NLT) Maybe you're familiar with this verse. One day as I was standing on the dock taking photos in the early morning light, it came to mind, and I had this peace wash over me. No matter what happens each day, my anchor is the Lord.   If you're familiar with this verse... do you realize that there is a second part to the verse?   Here's the second sentence in the verse.... It leads us through … [Read more...]

Coastal Blues Tablescape #coastal #coastalhomedecor

  On these hot summer days, we're all looking for ways to feel cool and comfortable. One way to feel cool as a cucumber is to surround ourselves with cooler colors likes blues, whites, and greens. Last summer I had fun playing around with a tablescape in coastal blues. What blues are coastal blues? Just look at your favorite body of water.  Notice the many, many shades of blue. Use them freely and you're off to feeling cooler and refreshed. Who knew it would be so easy. Now go check out my Casual Coastal Tablescape here.       Can you believe that in a … [Read more...]

Blind Faith :: Believing is Seeing ::

Faith is believing what we do not see, and the reward for this kind of faith is to see what we believe.   Saint Augustine   You've heard the term "blind faith."  Usually a person with blind faith is looked upon as weak or helpless.   How many times have we heard someone say, "Trust me." In the recesses of my mind, I remember my dad telling me that I could not trust anyone.  I'm not sure what life experiences my dad encountered to help him develop that cynical outlook. Fortunately my dad did not live his life that way before me.  He was a very gentle, kind, and caring man.  And I … [Read more...]

Creating a Coastal Vibe with DIY Paintings :: :: #CoastalDecor #Seascape #Art

Last summer I wanted so badly to be at the lake that I created my own view of the lake... If you're a sand-in-her-toes, sunny day at the beach kind of gal, you, too can set a coastal vibe with DIY paintings you create.   Don't say you can't create art.  I've never painted like this and I painted this seascape. You'll never know unless you try. Pop over to the original post and learn how I put together this fun coastal styled vignette.   Speaking of getting creative with DIYing... Over the weekend I shared a round-up of some Pretty Extraordinary DIY Makeovers which were linked … [Read more...]

How blessed I am :: :: #blessed #lakereflection

Let me tell you how blessed I am. Every morning I wake up next to a man who loves me with his whole heart. I pretty much jump out of bed each day because I can. Clothes hang straight in my closet sorted by type and I get to put on something to fit the day and occasion. When I go to the kitchen sink and turn the faucet, out pours sparkling clean water. As I grab my Bible to sit on the couch, I turn and look out the window and see the morning mist rising or dancing across the small lake. Turning the pages of my Bible, I read words of encouragement, and I'm blessed that I have the ability to read and … [Read more...]

Extraordinary DIY Home Makeovers :: :: #DIY #DIYHomeDECOR

Extraordinary Inspiration for Your Weekend No. 7   Happy Weekend!  We've been having the most amazing weather this week.  Mostly sunny and wonderfully mild temperatures for mid July.  I could take a whole summer of days like these.  It's the perfect weather for getting lots of DIY projects done.  And speaking of DIY projects.... Let me present you with some pretty Extraordinary DIY Makeovers...    Check out the features...Left to Right...Top to Bottom. Metal Cabinet Makeover by Red Tin Inn Lampshade Makeover & Tutorial by DIY Beautify Vintage Wrought Iron Table & Chair Makeover … [Read more...]

Cheesy Supper and Breakfast Biscuits :: The Recipe :: :: #CheesyBiscuits #BiscuitRecipe

It's mid July and we're having a Polar Vortex?! I prefer to think of it as outdoor air conditioning.     Who can complain when we're able to throw open the windows during the day and appreciate cooler evenings. These cooler nights make it possible for us to enjoy a roasted chicken dinner one night followed up by homemade chicken soup the next evening. A hearty homemade chicken soup is a pretty complete meal in itself, but there's nothing like a good homemade biscuit to accompany all that soupy goodness.     For some time, I've been thinking I'd like to make … [Read more...]

Going coastal with a beachy tray vignette ::

What goes through your mind when you think of summer?     For's a few hours at the beach. Today I'm over at Homework sharing how you can enjoy time some beach time, even if you're many miles away. Please stop by Carolyn's and check out my post.  And check out her extraordinarily creative blog.     Speaking of summer... Over the weekend I shared a round-up of some amazing looking Fruity Summer Treats linked up at last week's Project Inspire{d} link party. Click here if you missed it! Are you drooling?  Everything looks absolutely … [Read more...]