An Easter Subway Art Printable ::

You might remember this Easter subway art printable from last year. This was the first time I had never created something like this and was amazed at the wonderful reception it received. So....I thought that I would feature it again, just in time for Easter.  Though certainly it would be lovely all spring or even longer.    Click here to download your 8x10 Subway Art Easter Printable.  For personal use only.           It's that time we've all been waiting for....    Mary Beth from Cupcakes and Crinoline    ~ … [Read more...]

Always be joyful in the Lord! - Philippians 4:4 - 8x10 Printable ::

What do you do when you are going through a rough patch? Do you go to bed and curl up in the fetal position? you carry on praising God as if you're having the best of days?     If you would like to download this encouraging 8x10 image click here.  It's free!  For personal use only.     Okay...I confess.... I might not do the first.  But, this week has been extremely difficult and I surely haven't done the second, either. I'm not suggesting that you must do the second.  But, it seems that Paul thought that we needed to have joy-filled hearts.  All. The. Time. Except … [Read more...]

Rustic Burlap Easter Egg Wreath :: Project Inspired Link Party ::

Do you realize, Easter is less than two weeks away?! I haven't even begun to think about Easter decorating.  But, I know many of you have it on your mind. In fact, this rustic burlap Easter egg wreath I made last year has been getting lots and lots of views this year.   I love that it was quick and easy and inexpensive to put together.   And there's plenty of time if you want to make one too!   Here's a glimpse of what was extraordinary on the blog this past week....   Sharing Encouraging Words | Joy Day! Celebrate Your Joys     Now...I can't wait to see … [Read more...]

Coral Tulips :: Share Encouraging Words ::

This week I was prodded to change my outlook on life. Somewhere in this great big invisible world we call the internet I read a phrase that stuck with me. Forget talking about your troubles. If we don't talk about our troubles...what do we do? Celebrate our joys!     I have a good friend that I chat with irregularly via email.  At this time in our lives it's the best form of communication.  It's efficient.  When we get the chance to talk on the's a looooong talk.  And we usually don't have time to do that very often. Today I did something I don't usually do.  I … [Read more...]

Share your Joys each day in April ::

How many times has a good friend asked you how you were and you found yourself telling her some of your troubles? It's something we all do...especially when that friend is someone whom we trust. I don't think letting someone know that you're struggling with your child, or your job, or your health is a bad thing.  Not at all.  In fact, unless I know that you're dealing with something that needs prayer....I can't pray specifically about it for you.     Do you think it would make any difference if instead of talking about our troubles, we would tell people about our joys? You're at … [Read more...]

Spring Tablescaping Ideas :: Project Inspired Features 3-31 ::

Today feels like spring!  Finally! We haven't managed to keep the sun shining...but I can't complain when it's 60 degrees!! I even got a chance to get outside and play in the yard a bit.     I thought it would be fun today to revisit a popular post from last year.... This shabby spring window sings spring and the little birdies make me happy.   Right now, my window is slightly open and I can hear birdsong.  It's the most wonderful thing.  After a long winter, it's music to my ears!!   Here's a glimpse of what was extraordinary on the blog this past week.... The Promise of … [Read more...]

Windflowers :: The Promise of Good Times Ahead ::

Okay...I'm going to admit it. I had a very shaky week. [sigh] More times than I can count, I had to dig down, pray, and proceed in faith. Even going for my walk (I try to get in four miles weather permitting) was difficult.  Who put lead in my legs??     For lent I've been getting up earlier than normal. During this time I read a few Lenten devotionals and spend extra time in the word. In that darkness before dawn, I'm reading through the book of Romans.  Slowly. I don't know how you do your reading, but when certain passages jump out at me from my old red leather-bound … [Read more...]

Happiness quote by John Barrymore :: FREE 5x7 Printable ::

Happiness. It's something we all want.   In the midst of our busyness and running....   Happiness often sneaks in through a door you didn't know you left open. ~ John Barrymore   How much better would we be if we consciously left the door to happiness open, everyday? It's so easy to get caught up in the busyness of life.  Consumed with work, projects, tasks, errands, appointments, and running here and there, we often leave no margin or open door for happiness to present itself. Chasing after happiness for happiness' sake is inward focused rather than outward focused and … [Read more...]

My First Attempt at Cake Decorating ::

One thing I've always wanted to do was try my hand at cake decorating. Sure I've frosted many 9x13 cakes in the pan. But a two or three or four layer cake?  Never! Until now!     I frosted a five layer cake!! With a real frosting bag and decor tips! Thanks to my friend who loves to decorate cakes.   It all started with my friend's co-worker who was concerned that there wasn't enough cake ordered for her niece's wedding. Being the wonderfully kind soul she is, my friend volunteered to make more cakes for the wedding reception.   Two layer cakes and a half sheet … [Read more...]

Project Inspired features for 3-24 ::

What are your favorite spring flowers?     I confess that I'm a traditionalist. I love forsythia and tulips and daffodils and hyacinths and anemones and hellebores.   Yeah.  Pretty much everything.  [wink] Which pretty much explains why I created this spring tulip wreath with forsythia.     Although I made this wreath a while back, it's still perfectly in style today. All the details on how it all came together are here.  Just in case you want to try your hand at making a spring tulip wreath. And if you missed seeing my crisp white spring … [Read more...]

And this hope will never disappoint us... from Romans 5:5 ::

Earlier this week I was sharing my life story. I concluded my monologue with the words, I have hope and HOPE does not disappoint us.  Do you have hope?     This week we hit a few new challenges in our journey in the "in between." Frankly, aside from trusting God, I could throw up my hands in despair. In sharing my story I realized that I am living in hope.   My hope is not the kind you can conjure up. It's not hope based on positive thinking....though I do believe we need to choose a positive outlook. It's simply based on knowing God and believing that he is my … [Read more...]

Dramatic White Mantel for Spring with Color Pops ::

Happy First Day of Spring! With all the snow we've had this year, you would think that I'd steer far away from white for spring. Nope!  I went for brightness by creating a simple, dramatic white mantel for spring. Spring has more than her fair share of cloudy days.  And there's nothing like a background of white with color pops for a dramatic look to brighten the spirits on a gray gloomy rainy day.     I'm excited that spring has officially arrived.  You too? There is still a bit of snow in the forecast.  But, the reality of spring's appearance is seeing larger and larger … [Read more...]

Project Inspire{d} Features at

 May your thoughts be as glad as the shamrocks. May your heart be as light as a song. May each day bring you bright, happy hours. That stay with you all the year long. Irish Blessing  This year I used book pages to help decorate the mantel for St. Patrick's Day. If you missed the post, check it out here.   And now, on to our Extraordinary Link Party....   I am so excited to join with Mary Beth from Cupcake and Crinoline, Malia from Yesterday on Tuesday, and Stephanie from The Silly Pearl, my co-hosts here at Project Inspire{d} to see what you've been working on this week!  Your … [Read more...]

"You, Lord, give true peace..." from Isaiah 26:3 ::

  Need true peace?   Actually, most days it's amazing that I am not completely overwhelmed and stressed to the max. The only thing that keeps me from a full-blown panic attack is trusting God. The only thing.   I'm a doer.  A fixer.  And right now I can't do or fix anything.  Everything is out of my control. Except one thing.   I can choose to trust God.   My mind can invent every scenario imaginable. My mind can be paralyzed so that it's impossible to accomplish anything. Or... I can choose to focus instead on God and his power and his … [Read more...]

Decorating a Mantel for St. Patrick's Day :: Vignette ::

  St. Patrick's Day. It's all about the green....and this saint that seems to have spoken out against slavery, valued women, and influenced Ireland with Christianity.   All good things, wouldn't you say? So why not splash a few shamrocks around the house. Flash some green. And listen to some toe-tappin' music.     When it comes to seasonal  home decor,  I'm all about simple and using what you have on hand. And...because I love all things book page, I decided to use book pages and hand-cut shamrocks in decorating the mantel for St. Patrick's Day. This little project was … [Read more...]

52 Ways to Encourage Others :: Project Inspired Week 57 ::

Back in October I wrote a 31-Day Series, "31 Extraordinary Days to Be..." In a nutshell I took us on a journey to learn to Be…  fully and beautifully alive in our “skin” and in our homes and beyond.     Each week during the series, I addressed how we could Be...Encouraging. It's always great to be on the receiving end of encouragement.  Some of you are amazingly encouraging and I have been the blessed recipient of your kind words.  Others of us don't come by it naturally, so I put together a list of 52 Practical and Thoughtful Ways to Encourage Others.  Essentially one for each week … [Read more...]

The "S" Word - Free the Slaves ::

  It's not what you think. No. It's much worse. The "s" word you're thinking of pales in comparison to the "s" word I have on my mind.   The "s" word on my deplorable...appalling....despicable Especially in 2014. Yet....there are more than at any other time in history. Unimaginable. Why should there be even one?   What am I talking about? Slaves. Human trafficking is modern day slave trade. There are lots of words that people use to make it sound more palatable. But that doesn't change the reality. And one more thing. It isn't over … [Read more...]