Creating a Coastal Vibe with DIY Paintings :: :: #CoastalDecor #Seascape #Art

Last summer I wanted so badly to be at the lake that I created my own view of the lake... If you're a sand-in-her-toes, sunny day at the beach kind of gal, you, too can set a coastal vibe with DIY paintings you create.   Don't say you can't create art.  I've never painted like this and I painted this seascape. You'll never know unless you try. Pop over to the original post and learn how I put together this fun coastal styled vignette.   Speaking of getting creative with DIYing... Over the weekend I shared a round-up of some Pretty Extraordinary DIY Makeovers which were linked … [Read more...]

How blessed I am :: :: #blessed #lakereflection

Let me tell you how blessed I am. Every morning I wake up next to a man who loves me with his whole heart. I pretty much jump out of bed each day because I can. Clothes hang straight in my closet sorted by type and I get to put on something to fit the day and occasion. When I go to the kitchen sink and turn the faucet, out pours sparkling clean water. As I grab my Bible to sit on the couch, I turn and look out the window and see the morning mist rising or dancing across the small lake. Turning the pages of my Bible, I read words of encouragement, and I'm blessed that I have the ability to read and … [Read more...]

Extraordinary DIY Home Makeovers :: :: #DIY #DIYHomeDECOR

Extraordinary Inspiration for Your Weekend No. 7   Happy Weekend!  We've been having the most amazing weather this week.  Mostly sunny and wonderfully mild temperatures for mid July.  I could take a whole summer of days like these.  It's the perfect weather for getting lots of DIY projects done.  And speaking of DIY projects.... Let me present you with some pretty Extraordinary DIY Makeovers...    Check out the features...Left to Right...Top to Bottom. Metal Cabinet Makeover by Red Tin Inn Lampshade Makeover & Tutorial by DIY Beautify Vintage Wrought Iron Table & Chair Makeover … [Read more...]

Cheesy Supper and Breakfast Biscuits :: The Recipe :: :: #CheesyBiscuits #BiscuitRecipe

It's mid July and we're having a Polar Vortex?! I prefer to think of it as outdoor air conditioning.     Who can complain when we're able to throw open the windows during the day and appreciate cooler evenings. These cooler nights make it possible for us to enjoy a roasted chicken dinner one night followed up by homemade chicken soup the next evening. A hearty homemade chicken soup is a pretty complete meal in itself, but there's nothing like a good homemade biscuit to accompany all that soupy goodness.     For some time, I've been thinking I'd like to make … [Read more...]

Going coastal with a beachy tray vignette ::

What goes through your mind when you think of summer?     For's a few hours at the beach. Today I'm over at Homework sharing how you can enjoy time some beach time, even if you're many miles away. Please stop by Carolyn's and check out my post.  And check out her extraordinarily creative blog.     Speaking of summer... Over the weekend I shared a round-up of some amazing looking Fruity Summer Treats linked up at last week's Project Inspire{d} link party. Click here if you missed it! Are you drooling?  Everything looks absolutely … [Read more...]

Psalm 145:10 All that you have made... :: Am I a Reflection? ::

  Everyday, as I walk, I am amazed by the tapestry along the roadside. Today I noticed leaf shapes. Each leaf was the same tone of green.  Yet, from plant to plant and bush to bush, each had its own exquisite shape. Together they created the most beautiful tapestry in green.     A few days ago we took the rowboat out on the lake just before sunset. In the stillness the lily pads and other water plants reflected the setting sun's brilliant light. We were in awe of another tapestry at the water's edge. A mirror formed across the face of the water.  It captured the … [Read more...]

Fruity Summer Treats - Extraordinary Inspiration at

Extraordinary Inspiration for Your Weekend No. 6   Here, in my neck of the woods, we just finished enjoying fresh picked local strawberries and now it's blueberry season. The one thing I love about living in the fruit belt is....drum roll please....the fruit!  Everything is so fresh and delicious. That made it really easy for me to choose these extraordinary fruity summer treats you all linked up this week.  Yumm!      Check out the features...Left to Right...Top to Bottom. Tarte Tatin by Army Wife to Suburban Life Guest on Homework Red, White, & Blue Pancakes by … [Read more...]

Tray Vignette Floral Arrangement by Canterbury Cottage ::

  Getting together with friends is one of the most challenging things about long distance moves. Living five to nine hours away from each other means we stay connected via Facebook, email, and of course, by phone. But, there's nothing better than being face-to-face, is there?     Recently I was able to spend some time with a dear long-time friend. After getting into town, I joined her and her family for breakfast.  After a delicious breakfast of baked stuffed raisin bread french toast, we covered three coastal towns and visited some of her favorite thrift shops, enjoyed … [Read more...]

Watermelon Salsa Recipe ::

The 4th of July weekend is over and I hope you had a great one. The weather was perfect here and we indulged in some delectable delights.   This delicious Fresh Watermelon Salsa is so good.  With watermelon season upon us, I thought I'd pull it up from the archives so you can add it to your summer supper and entertaining menu.  Enjoy!   Before the big holiday weekend I put together a round-up of Last Minute 4th of July Ideas from last week's link party!!   Click here if you missed it!   This is one fun party with four extraordinary hostesses.   Mary Beth … [Read more...]

Philippians 4:8 :: What are you chewing on lately ::

I've been doing a lot of chewing lately and I'm not talking about burgers, potato salad, or s'mores. Maybe you're like day it's disappointment, the next it may be weariness or lack.  Some days I chew on blessings, a faithful husband, dear friends, good food, wildflowers, and sunset reflections over a beautiful lake.  You can pretty much tell what I'm chewing on.  It shows all over my face. What have you been chewing on lately?     For quite a few years I saved my calendars.  My favorites were always the ones featuring a Bible verse and the artwork of Ellen Stouffer.  As I … [Read more...]

Queen Anne's Lace and Raspberries Centerpiece :: Imperfectly Perfect Patriotic Tablescape ::

I love wildflowers! One of my favorite things to do is to walk the roadside and pick bouquets for decorating the table(s) for the Fourth of July. Earlier this week it rained quite heavily for a few days, so the wildflowers were pretty beat up. But, Wednesday, I went for a very long walk and discovered just what I wanted.  Happy Day!     The next morning I went for another walk scissors in hand. To my dismay, the massive scissors of the local road crew had come through and leveled my wildflower garden. You should have seen my face. I think it fell to my knees. Why, at … [Read more...]

Celebrating Liberty on the Fourth ::

  We on this continent should never forget that men first crossed the Atlantic not to find soil for their ploughs but to secure liberty for their souls. ~Robert J. McCracken Happy Fourth of July!!   Thank you for stopping by today. I appreciate you and your sweet comments make my day. Wishing you An Extraordinary Independence Day! Diane To receive FREE bits of inspiration like this in your inbox or reader, subscribe now. Let's connect!  Facebook  ::  Pinterest  ::  Google +  ::  Shop-Longaberger Lifestyle I'd be delighted if you'd share the goodness here with your friends. Click … [Read more...]

Extraordinary Last Minute Fourth of July Ideas ::

Need a few last minute Fourth of July ideas for your holiday celebration? We've got you covered! Left to Right... Fourth of July Porch by Twelve Oaks Manor Patriotic Grunge by Paper Seedlings Red, White, & Blue Cupcake Wrappers Free Printable by Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom Sparkler Straw Pinwheel Centerpiece by Hoopla Palooza Patriotic Fruit Skewers by Three Kids and a Fish 4th of July Flag Tree with Cornstarch Ornaments by Adventures of a DIY Mom Homemade Star Marshmallows by Confessions of a Secret Crafter 4th of July Breakfast Flag Holes by Jacolyn Murphy DIY Fourth of July … [Read more...]

Fourth of July Spectacular :: Decorating for the Fourth ::

What's your favorite way to decorate for the Fourth of July? Me?  I love to use American flags.  Lots of flags. The more stars and stripes the better.     Here's a little Fourth of July spectacular from the archives to inspire your holiday decorating.   Speaking of the Fourth of July.... Last weekend I shared some really Extraordinary Inspiration for decorating and entertaining for the 4th of July or any patriotic holiday. What a great round-up of festive ideas from last week's link party!! There's more.... Click here if you missed it!   This is one fun … [Read more...]

Depend on the Lord - Psalm 37:5 ~ Missing God's Blessing ::

Raise your hand if you want God's blessing. Generally when we pray, we ask God to bless us. As I was reading this verse I had an AH HA moment... God tells us what we can do to receive his blessing. Depend on the Lord;    trust him, and he will take care of you. Psalm 37:5   We often admire people who are self sufficient. I was brought up to be self sufficient. But...there's a danger in self sufficiency. If we're self sufficient we don't need other people. And we may fall into the dangerous mindset of thinking we don't need God either. And, if we're not "needing" God...we probably … [Read more...]

25 Ideas for Making a Memorable Fourth of July ::

Extraordinary Inspiration for Your Weekend No. 4 25 Ideas for a Memorable Fourth of July   The American celebration of Independence Day is less than a week away! Many of us celebrate by hanging the stars and stripes, hosting a BBQ, and attending a local fireworks show. If you'd like to make your celebration just a little extraordinary, be inspired here....     Red, White, & Blue Frozen Fruit Puree Shooters by Little Miss Celebration   Patriotic Porch Decor by Sweethaute   Patriotic Drop Cloth Pillow by Confessions of a Serial DIYer   Red, White, and … [Read more...]

Laundry Quote :: Laundry Room Chalkboard Art ::

Is chalkboard art still popular? Or has it already become yesterday's news?   Seriously....I have no idea.  But, sometimes what I was in love with last year needs to stay in last year. Then again....sometimes I don't care.  Actually most of the time I don't care. If I love it...whatever "it" is...."it" hangs around until I get tired of "it." Yeah...pretty much forever. [wink]   Last summer I had a bazillion projects going on at one time. And while I was supposed to be packing for a move, I finished up my laundry room with more than just this laundry room chalkboard … [Read more...]